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Topic: Mini Crash when loading Giga

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    Mini Crash when loading Giga

    When I run Giga I get a crash which can be fixed with Norton Crashguard but its getting annoying. Any ideas. Thanks in advance.
    Pentium II 300
    128 Meg Ram
    9 gig SCSI HD
    Layla with 5.01 driver

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    Re: Mini Crash when loading Giga

    Its not a good idea to use crash gard or disk management software with GigaSampler.

    I\'ve done so in the past and created more headaches than you can imagine.
    Use the regular windows defrag and remove any disk management software. After I did this it helped big time.

    ps. Joe from Nemesys also wrote this in another post. It helps when using the layla...
    If you using the v1.60 release of GigaSampler make sure the DirectSound capability is turned off in the Echo driver. (See our web site for more details).
    Or if you want to use the v1.61 Beta of GigaSampler, then you won\'t need to turn off the DirectSound capability in hte Echo driver.

    If you using an LE, then please make sure you have v5.01 of the echo drivers - it fixes a sample rate problem.

    PaPa Chalk

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