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Topic: Nominate Your Favorite Demos!

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    Nominate Your Favorite Demos!

    Over the past couple of years we've had some very amazing demos. People here are making incredible music!

    I am listing all of the demos submitted on our website. There are now over 1,200 of them and I am attempting to list them all a big sortable table on our website.

    As part of the webpage, I wanted to also make a list of some of the outstanding ones, those that may have particularly stood out, and I need your recommendations. Maybe there's one that stuck in your mind for a while, or certain demos that caused you to buy GPO, or recent demos that really impressed you.

    If you can provide links (or we can find them for you). Please don't nominate your own piece (or have your mom do it). Once we compile a list of your favorite demos we can do a poll. This is going to be hard as there as so many great demos.

    Please list your "nominations" for you favorite demos here.

    Thanks very much for your help.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Nominate Your Favorite Demos!

    So many incredible ones... I'll have to go through them again to name more... but one that sticks in recent memory is Jerry W.'s amazing mid-Eastern sounding SSV demo. I'll nominate that one. Or are you only talking about GPO demos? As far as the one that helped me to buy GPO way back when, that would be the original "Beethoven's 5th" demo by, I think, Haydn.
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    Re: Nominate Your Favorite Demos!

    OK, I nominate every one! Man, talented, talented, talented people on this forum and there is just no way I can single out just one as THE best! Sorry, I hate to be a poop pooer but there is just no way! I don't get to reply to all I listen to but there hasn't been one so far I can say was not worth listening to!
    I nominate ALL!

    Well, there was that one.... wait, hasn't posted anything yet, sorry.

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    Re: Nominate Your Favorite Demos!

    THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! There are hundreds of pieces that are excellent.

    I'll pick a few off the top of my head; but gosh, I could go on for pages:
    and no matter which I pick, I'll leave out dozens I love as much!

    Roberto Ferrari: Fugue In E Minor (For Pipe Organ)

    Jamie Kowalski: Autumn Concerto (In Three Movements)

    William DeWitt: Mozart's Piano Concerto #20 (First Movement)

    Joseph Cavanagh: Flute Sonatina (In Three Movements)

    Louis Dekker: English Horn Concerto (In Three Movements)


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    Re: Nominate Your Favorite Demos!

    Impossible indeed!

    Here are a few more that just come to mind:

    Roberto Ferrari: On the way

    Jerry W's SSV demo

    88finger's piano work: In a dream

    John Hawksley: A Soul Alone

    LouiD: Celebration of Spring

    Moviemaestro's Quandary (not sure where it is on the forum... or if my spelling is correct )

    About a month ago my collection of GPO MP3s had grown to several gigabytes so I burned them onto a DVD-R I guess now I'll have to go back through it!

    So much great music here!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Nominate Your Favorite Demos!

    beach and Jun Yamamoto are always favorites.

    Pick any one of theirs (or particularly beach's "Oboe").

    - m
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    Re: Nominate Your Favorite Demos!

    I really liked "Canopy" by Michael Wiktor , although the mp3 is no longer there.

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    Re: Nominate Your Favorite Demos!

    Actually I was surfing the demo site just yesterday and ... hmm ... how can I say it .... there are also some demos not quite as convincing as it could be. Actually some of them have prevented me of buying GPO more earlier - and I am happy I did nevertheless since the capabilities of the library are much better.

    But I will never post them in public. No way!

    Hint: Small ensembles. That direction ...


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    Re: Nominate Your Favorite Demos!

    Tough call............but here are a few that caught my ear...


    1. The Departure of Rosa Parks. David Sosnowski.

    2.The Darkness. Joshua Vinci.

    3.The Starry Messenger. Dan Powers.

    Anything by Beach. ( I reckon he must have the biggest fan club, because Everyone seems to adore his music. )


    1. Ballad for Mr G. Paul Read.

    2.Bossa Monocromatica. Oldbob.


    Paganini Capriccio. Fabio

    Arabian Star. Jerry Wickham

    Being a composer, myself, I tend to be most interested in New writing, but Valhalx, has stood out as one of the kings of the classical mock-up. And I doubt it comes as news to anybody, that one figure stands head and shoulders above all of us when it comes to artistically satisfying realism. DPDAN.

    regards Joe

    P.S. It could have been a hundred other pieces, but .........you know............

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    Re: Nominate Your Favorite Demos!

    Joaz, your comment about me in your post made me cry hard.

    WOW! thank you Joe so much!

    The piece that still moves me to this day is the arrangerment of
    Shenandoah by Dan Powers. It is what convinced me that GPO was a very worthy piece of software, and it would supply me with sounds that were more than adequate for me to learn midi with.

    Of course, Roberto (Beach) has a way of melting me with his music. I still sense the sadness and deep grief that he went through a few months back loosing his little doggie "Dic". My love of life Sparky is still here with me, and he will be 16 in October. He has been my love and inspiration. What joy these pets bring to our lives!

    So much talent here, it's really difficult to say I have a favorite.

    Thank you Joaz so much,
    thank you Dan Powers so much,
    thank you Tom Hopkins so much,
    thank you Gary Garritan so much,
    Thank you God for all these blessings!!!!

    Dan Kury

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