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Topic: S-Converter error

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    S-Converter error

    While trying to convert Akai S1000/3000 files I get the following error message:

    No ASPI for Win32
    support detected.

    I have already tried re-loading Gigasampler, and upgraded to version 1.61, but to no avail.

    Would appreciated suggestions for correcting this error.

    Steve Singer

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    Re: S-Converter error

    I\'m sure someone will be responding that knows more about this than I do. However, I think that not all CD-Roms support reading AKAI formated disks. What makes me think that is your problem is that I think ASPI is the driver your cd-rom requires to read Akai CD-Roms (although I could be wrong...)

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    Re: S-Converter error

    I get the same error message on my Laptop when I have no CD-Rom drive plugged in.

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