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Topic: cheapest card

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    cheapest card

    What is the cheapest GSIF sound card fully working with Gigastudio and how much does it cost?

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    Re: cheapest card

    I\'m using the EchoAudio Darla24 card and paid $299. So far so good.


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    Re: cheapest card

    The Darla is a good price and has 8 outs. What it misses is Digital I/O.
    Depends on your needs.

    The Midiman M Audio Delta DiO 2496 is GSIF and $299. http://www.midiman.com/m-audio/html/products/dio2496.htm

    The Egosys Waveterminal 2496 is GSIF and $400 http://egosys.net/eng/wt2496.html

    The Echo Gina 24 is GSIF and $495 http://www.echoaudio.com/compare.htm

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    Re: cheapest card


    BIG mistake. The GSIF drivers for Gina 24 are not done. I mixed it up with the old Gina which has GSIF.

    This thread may be of interest. http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum1/HTML/000225.html

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    Re: cheapest card

    Thanks for the info.

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