I Just got a Darla 24, and have just found out there is no input level control on it\'s software mixer . You can adjust the output level of all the 8 outputs , but the input level stay\'s fixed in one position . I called Echo and they said they did that on purpose to keep the noise level down.
They said just adjust it from your mixer going into the Darla . The only problem is I don\'t have or want a mixer because I wanted to keep the signal path as simple as posible to keep down noise .
The only adjustment on the input is a minus 10 or plus 4 switch . And when I set it for minus 10 my signal is to low , and when I set it for plus 4 it clips .
My question is can I just set the inputs for plus 4 and put a couple passive volume knobs [one for each half of stereo] or volume sliders in line before the input of the card ? And what kind would I get , so that the signal stay\'s clean? thanks , Ken