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Topic: no midi signal !?!

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    no midi signal !?!

    Hello people

    my giga-studio 160 always falls away at the restart (EWS64 Terratec). However, the Gigasampler 1.6 turned out allright very much.

    I have Gigasampler 1.6 installed for the giga-studio and after this about installed now. The giga-studio 160. starts for me for one now puts driver EWSMIDIRecord my MIDI port 1 recognized with this midily. I load a Sound on MIDI port 1 //kanal// 1. I play on //kanal// 1 with my keyboard but doesn\'t give any activity advertisement in the MIDI monitor! However, Cubase receives easily my MIDI signal like always.
    The report appears if I would like to open the instruments editor now: failed MIDI Loop !!!

    What can mean this? The giga-studio doesn\'t run the EMS MIDI Triebern!

    Thank !! for your help

    Hallo Leute

    mein Gigastudio 160 stürze beim Neustart immer ab (EWS64 Terratec). Der Gigasampler 1.6 aber ging sehr gut.

    Jetzt habe ich Gigasampler 1.6 installierte und danach den Gigastudio überinstalliert. Jetzt startet das Gigastudio 160. Ich stelle meinen MIDI Port 1 mit dem erkannte Midi Treiber EWSMIDIRecord ein. Ich lade einen Sound auf MIDI Port 1 Kanal 1. Ich spiele mit meinem Keyboard auf Kanal 1 aber es gibt keine Aktivitätsanzeige im MIDI Monitor !?! Cubase aber empfängt wie immer problemlos mein MIDI Signal.
    Wenn ich nun den Instrumenten Editor öffnen möchte erscheint die Meldung: failed MIDI Loop !!!

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    Re: no midi signal !?!


    I have the same problem with my Terratec EWS64 card in combination with Gigastudio. I asked both Nemesys and Terratec what could be the problem, but until now I have only little response. They are not collaborating well. Did you come any further or do you have the same experience?



    P.s. In between I received the following (dis-satisfying) answer from Nemesys:

    The EWS64 card doesn\'t seem to always work with us properly. One thing I
    experienced with it was using the MIDI interface on the front panel breakout
    that comes with some EWS systems. That doesn\'t seem to work for some reason but
    the joystick MIDI port does work. That is something to look into if your using
    that interface. See if the EWS64 shows up as an available sound card in the
    hardware routing page also. You could also try a different MIDI device if all
    else fails. Worst case is a known compatible card of course.

    I tried it all and it didn\'t help much. Even reinstallation of GigaSampler failed!!!

    [This message has been edited by Yamko (edited 08-02-2000).]

    [This message has been edited by Yamko (edited 08-02-2000).]

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