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Topic: New Audio Cards

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    New Audio Cards

    OK, I\'m starting preliminary investigations on buying a new audio card. Has anyone any experience with Digidesign\'s Digi 001? I have read about it and it seems like about what I want... Are there GSIF drivers for it? How does it work with Gigastudio?

    I have also looked into the Echo cards (gina24). What is everyone\'s opinions? Other software I\'m running are Reaktor and Logic Audio Gold for Windows (eventually, I\'m going to get dedicated box for GS...).

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    Re: New Audio Cards

    Gina 24 isn\'t GSIF yet I don\'t think.
    Gina is.
    Darla 24 is.
    Apparently Echo can\'t do the GSIF driver until Nemesys do a patch - or at least that\'s what I read on another thread.

    Darla works well - but no digital I/O

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    Re: New Audio Cards

    Sorry but digidesign doesn\'t support gigasampler or gigastudio. WWW.Soniccontrol.com has a listing of giga compatable souncards. Check it out. Peace.

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