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Topic: GigaEditor Bug or Me?

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    GigaEditor Bug or Me?

    As a Sampler neophyte, I dove into the editor to create a custom drum set from the various sample sets I got off the web. The various Midi sequenced drum parts created by my alesis drum machine or with Cakewalk 9\'s Session Drummer all use the GM standard with the Bass drum on C3, the snare on D3, the closed hihat on F#3, etc. When I create the drum set with the Giga Editor I put the Bass to be triggered by C3. But when I go to Cakewalk, the bass is triggered by C5, 2 octaves above the drum sequence. If I map the bass drum to C1, it is now triggered in Cakewalk with C3, but the sample plays back very slowly and does not produce a natural sound. Transposing all the drum sequences by 2 octaves every time does not seem the way to solve this problem. What am I doing wrong in the Giga Editor? Is it me or the editor? Please Help!!

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    Re: GigaEditor Bug or Me?

    This may help. In the GigaSampler Instrument Editor go to Edit then
    preferences. Make sure your middle C is set to C3. It sounds like you have it set to C5.
    This should solve your problem.

    PaPa Chalk

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