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Topic: Compatible soundcards with AMD CPU's?

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    Compatible soundcards with AMD CPU\'s?

    looking for campatible soundcards with AMD Athlon / Thunderbird / Duron CPU\'s. Some card makers state \"maybe will work\" who out there is doing it and how is it working for you. Echo is one of those who say maybe, I\'m interested in their upcoming Layla24, as well as the Aardvark 24, since these are 8in 8out analog plus ADAT optical, however I think all would be interested in whatever works with AMD CPUs as it seems you get more bang for the buck over Intel for the same speed.

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    Re: Compatible soundcards with AMD CPU\'s?

    I am not sure about compatibility with AMD CPUs per se, but I do know that the AMD *chipset* on the motherboard (the AMD 750, etc.) apparently does not get along very well with the Motorola DSP used on a lot of pro sound cards.

    This is something to do with the PCI bus implementation in the AMD 750 chipsets. I thus suggest that you look to a motherboard that uses the VIA KX133 chipset... But then again, I have no personal experience with VIA chipsets and pro sound cards, so I don\'t know if it will work...

    // Charl C.

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    Re: Compatible soundcards with AMD CPU\'s?

    I heard that the Egosys cards such as the Wami rack are compatable with the AMD processors. Definetly stay away from the Echo sound cards. I know from first hand experience that they will lock up when used on AMD systems. Peace.

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