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Topic: Opinions for cheap 2nd card

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    Opinions for cheap 2nd card


    I can\'t afford much of a sound card to use with GS/GSt, so I\'m looking for opinions. It looks like a SBLive will work ok, but Creative stuff isn\'t listed on the Nemesys site.

    My current setup:
    Cel300 o/c 450
    256meg Ram
    Yamaha DS2416 soundcard/AX16 connected to....
    Spirit328 mixer(I don\'t necessarily need digital i/o at this point)
    LogicAudio Platinum 4.2

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    Re: Opinions for cheap 2nd card

    I had been using an Ensoniq AudioPCI sound card that had very low latency. I believe you can get this card for around $40 (maybe less). Didn\'t have any trouble with GigaSampler or GigaStudio.

    I also just purchased the Echo Darla24 for $299 so I can run multiple programs at the same time (GS, Wavelab, Cakewalk).


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    Re: Opinions for cheap 2nd card

    Thanks for the reply Ron. I\'ll put it on the list to check out


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