Hi all!

I have TB Multisound Pinnacle Pro card, wich works great with GigaSampler. The latency is very good as it seems. Now with GigaStudio release Nemesis said that GSIF is REQUIRED for full functionality.

1. What do I loose with DirectX card?

2. I love the sound of my Pinnacle Pro - is the difference in latency between GSIF card and good DirectX card on good PC (AMD Athlon 800, 256 Ram, separate 40Gb UltraATA66 HDD for GS + 10Gb UltraDMA33 for system) really noticeable by ear?

I\'m thinking about upgrading to GigaStudio, but if it means I\'d have to buy an expensive card for normal operation, I\'d have to wait then.

Please share your experience on GigaStudio with DirectX card.

Thank you.