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Topic: DSP Factory and Gigasampler

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    DSP Factory and Gigasampler

    Hello there!
    Has anybody managed to make the DSP Factory work with Gigasampler (using DirectX drivers)? It does not want to work with my setup.

    I installed drivers following rather confusing Read Me File, but none of my applications seem to be able to speak to the DirectX driver. Cubase VST24 works fine with MME and ASIO driver, but when I try to change to DirectX I get a message: \" An active direct sound audio port could not be found. Error code: FE1-E-0600.\" When I start a DS Check utility in ASIO folder, the DS 2416 is not even listed among available devices.
    Although the above mentioned Read Me file says that the DirectX driver works with Gigasampler (1.6), in my case is the DS2416 not listed among the available outputs. When I run the DX Setup, the DS2416 is listed there, but as an \"emulated driver\" and \"uncompatible hardware\".

    The situation in my computer:
    Drivers (as listed in Control Panel/System/Yamaha DSP/Properties/Driver Info): VSWXGDSP.VXD 2.3.0 Build 20000323, MMDEVLDR.VXD 4.10.1998, YMHXGDDSP.DLL. In ASIO folder there are also YMHASIO16.DLL v 3.2.0 b and YMHASIO32.DLL v 3.2.0 b.
    I installed first the MME driver (install new Hardware), than the Check Utillity, than the ASIO (setup file in unzipped folder) and than DirectX (which actually looked exactly the same like the ASIO installation). Among the unzipped files is also a folder called ASIO, containing another SETUP Program, which wants to install Check Utility. I did not run this one to install DirectX.

    Do you have any idea what could be wrong? I need to use the card with Gigasampler and do not want to buy another soundcard.

    Thank you.

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    Re: DSP Factory and Gigasampler

    Hi. I tried with the DSP factory and finally gave up, and got a Delta 66. I did get GS working on the Direct-x driver, but couldn\'t get the Asio driver working again in Cubase. But if you check out the Delta1010 users group (I forget where, but I found it in the Cubase for Windows group), it has some advice for settings, especially making sure that there is no GS midi *input* in Cubase, and making sure that GS doesn\'t use channels 1&2 of your soundcard, since Cubase seems to want these, and making sure that Cubase doesn\'t use the channels that GS uses. (GS seems to make its channels unavailable for Asio, even when you\'re not using GS! I don\'t know if this would work with the DSP card. (You would have to set 2 other channels, i.e. not 1&2, as your direct-x channels, in the Windows multimedia box).

    If I remember correctly, you should be installing either the MME drivers OR the Direct-x drivers for the DSP card, not trying to use both. Then you install Asio. The Asio file has another \"setup.exe\" so you have to unzip the driver package twice into different directories, overwriting the first \"setup.exe\" the second time. Once you have two different \"setup.exe\" files, then the directions should be clearer. (The second one also install a mixer dirver, I think, so you should do it as the instructions say).

    Yamaha\'s SW1000xg site has a downloadable guide for installing drivers, although I haven\'t read it.

    The DSP factory is a great card, although the latency is still not good enough for live playing. I wish that Yamaha and Nemesys would be able to agree on getting out a GSIF driver--can you imagine being able to use the mixer and effects with GS? But then, Nemeysys is getting out their own mixer and effects with G-studio, and Yamaha is in the hardware sampler business ....

    good luck

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    Re: DSP Factory and Gigasampler

    In an earlier post I described using the EGOSYS WaveTerminal 2496 for GIGA with the digital out(set as master clock)feeding the digital input of the DSP Factory(set as slave for its digital clock).

    This works great for Cubase,GIGA, and Wavelab,all at the same time with the multimedia driver, and a hardware mixer for monitoring,with effects from the DSP.

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    Re: DSP Factory and Gigasampler

    The only way to use GS with the DSP factory is to use the DirectX drivers. If you\'re gonna install these drivers you CAN\'T use the ASIO drivers (you have to deinstall all drivers and then reinstal only the directX drivers). GS will use DS Chan #1 and #2 by default as directx channels. In cubase go to the asio setup panel and choose advanced settings (I believe that\'s what it\'s called). Here you have to disable the the first channel pair. Now you\'re all set (although I still experience pops and cracks).

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    Re: DSP Factory and Gigasampler

    Do you mean I have to deinstall the MME drivers as well? Because the accompaning ReadMe file says that in order to install DirectX drivers I have to install the card first, i.e. the MME drivers will be installed. How do I get rid of these without removing the card from the system.
    As to the DirectX driver, according to Yamaha guy on a telephone the DirectX drivers are actually ASIO drivers with DirectX support. What driver have you installed than?

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    Re: DSP Factory and Gigasampler

    Hi Ondrej,

    Yes I de´nstalled all the drivers before installing the DirectX drivers.

    First of all unpack the drivers to a temp folder and deinstall the ASIO drivers using the \'add/remove programs\' option under the control panel.

    You don\'t have to remove the card to do this. Just go to the control panel and remove the driver from the device manager.

    after removing you\'ll have to restart windows.

    After restarting windows will automaticly find your DSP fac. Choose the option to let windows search in a specified locatioen and then select the folder where you have unpacked the directX drivers (selecting the .ini file). Now the drivers will be installed.

    Restart the pc once again and your all set.

    DirectX and ASIO are different things. I have a latency in cubase of 566ms or something with the directx drivers.

    There is one strange thing I\'ve noticed: somethimes one of the programs GS of VST doesn\'t initialize the audio correctly.

    What I do now is first of all start LUI so the DSP F gets initialized. AFter that I start GS. From GS I start VST24. Now LUI crashes as VST starts. after this both work ok (more or less... still get some pops and crackles).

    Hope this helps!


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    Re: DSP Factory and Gigasampler

    Thanks for the info. I have to admit that after trying for too long, than buying a SBL Live!, and after another big hassle now having everything working (i.e. GSt96 using SBL [DirectX, latency not percievable when plaing live], and Cubase and Wavelab being fully in charge of Yamaha DSPF [ASIO, latency ca 80ms]) I do not dare to try your trick and keep praying that nothing happens to my configuration while I am not at home....

    But my compliment anyway, you were the first one to describe the installation in a way I would be able to follow. So thanks once more.


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