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Topic: Anyone Using the Darla24 or Gina24 w/GS

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    Anyone Using the Darla24 or Gina24 w/GS

    Is anyone using the Darla24 or the Gina24 card with GigaStudio160? I\'d like to get a new card that allows me to use GigaStudio and WaveLab 3.0 at the same time routing to different outputs on the sound card.

    There\'s another thread talking about multi-client cards, so I guess this is sorta the same question. However, the Darla24 lists around $250 and that\'s more in my price range than the other high end cards like the Dakota or Mixtreme.


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    Re: Anyone Using the Darla24 or Gina24 w/GS

    Well, I just purchased the card after talking with EchoAudio techsupport. They indicate that the Darla24 is indeed multi-client, and I should be able to run GigaStudio160 and Wavelab 3.0 at the same time. I\'ll let you know my findings.


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    Re: Anyone Using the Darla24 or Gina24 w/GS

    The Darla24 seems to work as advertised. I can play GigaStudio160 on ports 1&2 and tell Wavelab 3.0 to play on ports 3&4. They\'re both loaded at the same time playing sounds with no problems.


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    Re: Anyone Using the Darla24 or Gina24 w/GS

    Don\'t expect to use the Gina24 right away with GigaStudio160. It DOES NOT WORK with Gigastudio yet. I know cause I just bought one ($399) and it says in the manual that Nemesys needs to make a patch first, and Echo needs to finish the driver.
    It\'s a nice card though. It has optical ADAT in and out for another 8 ins and 8 outs if I want to expand later...
    I just bought a cheap SB Live so I can at least have multiclient functionality for now. I may return the Gina though if I find I\'m going to be waiting a loooooong time for the driver and patch update.

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    Re: Anyone Using the Darla24 or Gina24 w/GS

    Hi All
    I have the Darla 24 and it\'s working fine with giga sampler [I haven\'t bought giga studio yet .One possible solution for tonylombardi is to take back the gina and get the Darla 24 [and some money back]. The only problem will be that you are losing the digital i/o. Well just use the SB live for the digital i/o and midi and use the Darla 24 for your 2 in ,8 out analog capabilities .

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