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Topic: Studiologic VMK-188~ Opinion ?

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    Question Studiologic VMK-188 * any Opinions ?

    Hi all,

    Love to heat some feedback on this Keyboard or any Fatar with the same action. I`m looking to change from a Yamaha S80 since the VMK looks a bit more midi oriented and possibly a better Fatar key action. There are no Canada Distibutors so im not able to try one out and i`d appreciate to hear some pros and cons before i order... Thanks, Rich

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    Re: Studiologic VMK-188~ Opinion ?


    I have bought a VMK-188plus a couple of months ago. I'm totally satisfied - there's nothing better than Fatar keys in my opinion. The controler faders do not have much quality - but it's sufficient for a (home)studio. It was hard to find cause Fatar ships it in a very unsecure package as I was told. As a consequece most dealers in Germany don't import it to avoid re-shipment and refunding.

    Best wishes,

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    Re: Studiologic VMK-188~ Opinion ?

    I've been looking to possibly getting one too. My other candidate is the CME stuff, but I've read terrible reviews in various internet forums about those. I've always liked the Fatar keys--very nice feel. Right now, I think the only 88-key controllers with aftertouch, velocity sensitivity, and a full set of knobs/sliders are the Studiologic and CME models. After those, you'd have to go down in quality to the M-Audio's piece of ~~~it. God that thing's awful.

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    Re: Studiologic VMK-188~ Opinion ?


    I have had both the VMK-188plus and the CME UF-8.

    VMK-188 is a step up in quality and feel compared to UF-8.
    You can program the knobs and sliders as you want (except
    for the modwheel/pitchbend-joystick).

    The keys are not heavy and not light – somewhere in between
    (it's lighter than a Yamaha P-250/120). It's not the same Fatar
    action as Doepfer uses is their pianos (TP/10). After you have
    released a key it bounces before it stops.

    You can't change the velocity curve it's fixed – the velocity curve
    is responsive all the way from 1-124, then you have to hit the key
    VERY hard to get velocity 125-127

    You can't split the keyboard in zones

    The USB connection works fine

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    Re: Studiologic VMK-188~ Opinion ?

    Thanks guys for your responces !! I think you`ve sold me..it sounds like what im looking for..Unfortunately, i`ll have to have it sent from the U.S and it doesnt ship there for a month or 2... i can wait though ! i tried out the CME -88 keys and i wasnt impressed..really didnt like the way the keys felt..way too heavy and the store model was falling apart, litterally !

    Thanks again ,Rich

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    Re: Studiologic VMK-188~ Opinion ?

    Mmm, I'm interested in this too.

    I currently have an SL-990 Pro, and wondered how the action differs. (I wish I'd actually bought the SL-990 XP at the time, as this had the 'graded' action, as oppose to just 'weighted').

    I have been kind of confused to which model has been which, as FATAR seem to have had an odd naming strategy with the SL 880/990 models.

    Anyone played both, or can shed some light on the matter?

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    Re: Studiologic VMK-188~ Opinion ?

    I think I'm in love with this one...


    Too freaking expensive right now though. Maybe in a few months.

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