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Topic: How can load wave file to GS

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    How can load wave file to GS

    I tried many times to use wave file from my
    hardisk to load into GS,but it\'s not working
    how can change file .wav to file .gig,i can\'t find the way out..
    waiting for help

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    Re: How can load wave file to GS

    I got my GS last night so...

    First, make sure that your files are .wav files. While in GS, click on either port 1 or 2. Half way down, click on \"Distributed Wave\". You should see a pic of piano keys. The red dot indicates middle C note. The green arrow indicates where you want to place your wav file. With your mouse, right click any key & the green arrow will follow. Click on the arrow to the right of \"search\" and pick \".wav\". Now, click on \"Local sampler\" (below search) to get the hard drive letter that contains your wave files. Highlight your hard drive letter and right click and click \"update\" or \"convert all instruments to Gig2\". Notice, after update, your wav files appear. Right click on the wav you want loaded and click load. Hope this helps.

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