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Topic: latency on DirectX cards

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    latency on DirectX cards

    I use Gigastudio 96 with a Montego Direct X in combination with Cubase 3.7 and a Sonorus StudI/O. When I record MIDI in Cubase triggering sounds from GS the timing is awful when I play back. I guess it\'s because the latency of my Montego is not really good and I tend to advance the keystrokes while playing along the metronome. The result when I playback is a track which is quite out of tempo. When I trigger sound from a hardware sound module, I don\'t have this problem.
    Unfortunately the GSIF drivers for my sonorus card areen\'t ready, yet. So I can\'t tell whether it would make a difference using a GSIF sound card.
    I read somewhere that the latency on GSIF is around 3-8 ms and on DirectX around 10-15ms. Still very good.
    When I playback external hardware MIDI module simultaneously with Gigasampler they sound pretty tight but when it comes to recording MIDI it\'s just not acceptable. Does anyone have a suggestion what I might be doing wrong?

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    Re: latency on DirectX cards

    1 - do you have the latest drivers for your system. Video, sound card, and DirectX7a?
    2 - If you are using a newer IDE hard drive, make sure DMA is checked under properties of My Computer.

    You didn\'t mention the type of system you have. If you don\'t have enough processor or memory that may just be the problem.

    Does your problem happen if you have a new song in Cubase that has only one track?


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    Re: latency on DirectX cards

    My system is P3 600EB, 256MB RAM, 3 SCSI LVD drives, Matrox G400 DH, latest drivers. No IDE. The system is rock solid for Cubase 3.72 and Sonorus StudI/O.

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    Re: latency on DirectX cards

    Oops I oversaw. I don\'t have DirectX7a.
    I\'ll try that one. Thanks

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