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Topic: What to replace AWE64 with?

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    What to replace AWE64 with?

    I got a gadgetlabs wave824 (i love it but gigasampler doesnt even acknowlege its existence) and an awe64 Gold for Gigasampler playback.
    The awe64 plays the gigasampler sound SOFT and HISSY, anyone know why? I need it to be able to record on the wave824. So what would be a good, inexpensive card to replace it with? I\'d like it with spdif out to go straigt digital to the wave824(w/daughterboard).
    Also, if anyone knows how to get my awe64 to playback gigasampler sound better... let me know. (the awe64 plays everything else fine, nice and loud and clear).

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    Re: What to replace AWE64 with?

    I use the cheapo Ensoniq AudioPCI card. I now use it with GigaStudio160.

    Using it with GigaSamper, I did find it to be a little quiet and hissy too. The only things I was able to do is adjust GigaSamper output to +6db. I\'m not sure I said that right, but there is a setting in GigaSampler that makes all of the output a little louder. And by the way, GigaStudio160 sounds louder than GigaSampler.

    As for the hissing, on my Windows mixer for the sound card, I muted channels I don\'t use (CD audio, TV tuner, Modem, Mic, etc). One of the those channels (don\'t remember which one) was really hissy. Now, my card sounds pretty clean. Not too bad for a $30 sound card. And the latency isn\'t too bad either.

    Good luck,

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    Re: What to replace AWE64 with?

    Yea i mute all that stuff, still too hissy i think. Has anyone used the SB Live! in combo with a card like wave824, all digital (spdif).

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    Re: What to replace AWE64 with?

    Muting everything you don\'t need definitely works for the AWE64 too. I had some hiss a while ago, but after muting the CD, mic, line in etc., it decreased dramatically.

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