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Topic: Aardvark Direct Pro

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    Aardvark Direct Pro

    Just got this from Aardvark regarding Direct Pro 24/96, which has had some issues with the Gigasampler:

    >The Direct Pro works with GigaStudio,
    >and will work with Gigasampler 1.7,
    >when it is released.

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    Re: Aardvark Direct Pro

    My Direct Pro works with GigaStudio. So I can confirm that report.

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    Re: Aardvark Direct Pro

    COuld you pleaes tell me more about your setup and how it works? I\'m considering the Direct Pro and would like to run MIDI + audio and Gigasampler on a single machine. I realize that it would be a heavy load for the computer, but is it possible? I seems to be getting possible, I think, to run it all in a single machine.

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    Re: Aardvark Direct Pro

    I just bought this setup, so I am still experimenting, but it seems to work so far:
    Dell 850 Mhz PIII
    256 MB SDRAM
    30 GB Quantum ATA66 HD with ATA66 controller card (Partitioned: C:/OS; D:/Wavedata for Cakewalk; E:/GigaStudio and Cakewalk programs and plugins; F:/Other programs and data
    30 GB Maxtor ATA66 HD on the same ATA66 controller card (Partitioned: G:/Gigasamples
    So far, no problem running Cake and Gigastudio simultaneously, but I have not yet tested recording into Cake or running both with audio tracks in cake with effects on the audio tracks, or running both with Giga effects running. Those will be coming up next. I really just got this put together three days ago. The system monitors in Gigastudio are showing minimal CPU and RAM usage so far. The highest RAM usage was with the XSample concert harp, which got up to 25% RAM usage, but usually its more like 10% RAM usage or less with other samples.

    The Direct Pro is working just fine with the Gigastudio and Cake. But I now need to figure out what settings to do in Cake to allow me to run a sequence in Cake, play it through Giga and record in Cake. I think I have to select Direct Pro 1,2 in Giga and Direct Pro 3,4 in Cake so they are using different inputs and outputs. I\'ll know soon.

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    Re: Aardvark Direct Pro

    Doug wanted to know if you figured out Aardvark Pro in/out ports. Do you or anyone outhere have a perfect set up via email on using Gigastudio together with Cakewalk Pro 9?

    I cannot seem to get started. What would the perfect set up steps be for running Cakewalk and Gigasampler together and how would I record from Gigasampler to Cakewalk?



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    Re: Aardvark Direct Pro

    Hello DAfrica.

    I just did my first experiment recording into Cakewalk last night, with success. Here is how I have it set up. I don\'t know if this is the best way, but it works.

    In Gigastudio, I have it set to use Direct 1,2. In Cakewalk, under the Audio options, I have deselected Direct 1,2 so that there is no conflict with both programs trying to use it. I have selected both Direct Pro 3,4 and Direct Pro 5,6 under the Audio options. In Cakewalk, under the Midi options, I have selected the Giga Endless Wave (or whatever it\'s called..I am at work and my music computer is at home).

    After I created an audio track, I set the port to Giga 5,6 and the source to Giga 5,6. I tried setting both to Giga 3,4 and that did not work. Also, it worked if I set one to 3,4 and one to 5,6, but I cannot remember which one, port or source. But it didn\'t work if I switched them around. I do not understand why.

    That is your ignorant person\'s guide on to how to record. I hope it helps.


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    Re: Aardvark Direct Pro

    Thanks Doug

    If I get a better solution on smooth set up I will let you know.


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