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Topic: Delta 44 with Giga

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    Delta 44 with Giga

    Anyone know if I could use GigaSampler with a Delta 44 and use two outputs for the Giga and two outputs for the tracks coming my VST?

    Anyone think it\'s a good card?

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    Re: Delta 44 with Giga

    I have a Delta 66 and I use 3&4 for GS and 1&2 for Cakewalk. It is a very quiet card. Good bang for the buck.

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    Re: Delta 44 with Giga

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Kevin Cheung:
    I have a Delta 66 and I use 3&4 for GS and 1&2 for Cakewalk. It is a very quiet card. Good bang for the buck.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    It works with Cakewalk, but you cannot run ANY other audio apps besides Cubase while the Delta ASIO driver is running. It CAN do multiclient with the DirectX ASIO driver, but then the latency turns horrible. I have already written several emails to M Audio about this, and they pretty much just blew me off by saying its an ASIO limitation (even though the generic ASIO drivers work fine). Kinda stinks, coz ASIO was a big reason I bought the card. Also,I hear pops and clicks with the GSIF driver, which I never heard with my crappy ol\' tbeach fiji.

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    Re: Delta 44 with Giga

    I got the same response from Midiman (I have a Delta 44). The problem doesn\'t just occur with VST and Gigasampler either. There have been reports of problems with VST and a number of other audio programs whilst using the Midiman cards (all the way up to the 1010). I even went to the extent of sending Midiman a copy of the thread on the Cubase.net forum and I still haven\'t heard back from them (that was about two weeks ago). Their idea of support is to say \"our card is multi-client, speak to the software vendor\" and then to ignore you. It really is a shame, because apart from this failing the card is excellent. I think if you look back a couple of months in this part of the forum, the users of Echo cards were having the same problems intially, but Echo got off their butts and did something about it. If I were you I would look for another card, because it appears to me that Midiman are not planning to do anything about it.


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    Re: Delta 44 with Giga

    Hy BEn,

    This is a part of the revision.TXT from the newest Delta series drivers from midiman site:

    ================================================== ==============
    M Audio Delta Series
    Windows 95/98 Driver Revision History
    ================================================== ==============


    - Added multiple card support to the ASIO interface.

    - Added multiple card EASI interface.
    NOTE: This EASI support should be considered \"beta\".
    When recording using EASI there is no indication on
    the input channel meters and no waveform is drawn,
    although the data does in fact get recorded. Neither
    of these application specific screen paint functions
    are the direct responsiblity of the driver; therefore
    M Audio has contacted Emagic in attempt to resolve
    this issue.

    - Now includes Delta Panel version 1.01.14 which has the
    following features:

    - S/PDIF settings properly stored and restored via the
    Save & Load buttons.

    - Variable signal levels properly stored and restored
    via the Save & Load buttons.

    So check thir site for the newest drivers.


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    Re: Delta 44 with Giga

    I posted this elsewhere, but maybe it\'s of use to you guys as well.
    Midiman tech support resonded same day to my enquiry:

    The Delta is a multiclient audio card, people are not using it correctly. All they have to do is set the settings to independent in
    the Delta control panel and then open gigasampler up and select outputs and then select the sequencer they will be using and
    open this app and select outputs for it. Perhaps you can let me know what newsgroupsl you are reading this and ill let them
    know how to setup there Deltas correctly. I\'ve also included a fix for openning more than one app with giga you could share it
    and put it on the newsgroupsl if you like....To Record@

    Jesper Andersen

    Configuring Cubase and Gigasampler to co-exist happily using a Delta

    This walkthrough should help those out who are using a Delta audio card with both Cubase and Gigasampler installed. If
    Cubase is locking up of constantly giving you errors even without Gigasampler running, this walkthrough is for you.

    1. First of all Gigasampler has to be installed and working for this fix to work. If you’re having issues with
    Gigasampler, you should contact Nemesys to troubleshoot the issue.

    2. Download and install the Hubi MIDI Loopback software (I found it here: http://www.sonicspot.com/hubismidiloopbackdevice/hubismidiloopbackdevice.html). The instructions for installation are in a
    file called midlpbk.txt included in the zip file. Here’s a simple breakdown of the installation:

    a. Unzip the file to a temporary folder (C:\\temp)

    b. Open My Computer
    c. Open Control Panel
    d. Open Add New Hardware
    e. Click Next at the opening window, and Next again to start a search.
    f. Select ‘No, I want to select the hardware from a list’ and select Next
    g. Select Sound, Video, and Game Controllers and click Next
    h. Click Have Disk
    i. Point this to the directory which you unzipped the drivers to (C:\\temp)
    j. It should find Hubi’s MIDI Loopback, so Click OK. If not, make sure you unzipped the file and are pointing to the
    correct folder.
    k. Click Finish, and the Hubi’s Loopback window will come up. Click OK and restart the computer.
    l. Go to the temporary folder you unzipped the Loopback software to (C:\\Temp) and move the hwmdcabl.exe,
    hwmdcb.dll, and mlbkctl.exe into a different NON-temp folder on your hard drive (C:\\Hubi). These are the control panels
    to configure Hubi, so you may need these later.

    3. Open the folder on your hard drive where you installed Cubase (C:\\Program Files\\Steinberg\\Cubase by default)
    and run the setupmme.exe. Hubi creates the MIDI ins and outs labeled LB1-LB4. Set all Hubi inputs as inactive, and
    make sure all the Hubi Outputs are active. Under outputs, make the Gigasampler/Endless Wave inactive. Click OK
    to close the window.

    4. Without any other programs running, open Gigasampler. Click the Config button and go to the General Tab. The
    MIDI input will most likely be the MIDI port for your sound card, change this to LB1. Say OK and quit Gigasampler.
    5. Now you should be able to run Cubase free of lockups or constant errors.

    Huge props go out to Randy Martin for providing us with this information.

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    Re: Delta 44 with Giga

    Actually, the Delta has a problem with it\'s multiclient. I have spoken to Midiman about this and they told me they were looking into it. It appears to be a driver issue with certain programs not allowing the card to be properly multiclient. e.g. try running reaktor in ASIO mode alongside Logic or VST, and you\'ll see what I mean.

    It\'s a shame that they haven\'t fixed this yet, as from where I\'m standing it\'s about the only fault I can find in the card (delta 1010).

    Bob Campbell

    p.s. If all you are doing is running gigasampler alongside VST or Logic you should have no problem as long as you set the driver settings to independent in the delta control panel.

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    Re: Delta 44 with Giga

    vcovco wrote \"Also,I hear pops and clicks with the GSIF driver.\"


    I am using the Delta66. I was getting a lot of popping with GS, so much that I thought I was just outplaying the soft- and hardware. Things improved considerably when I switched from my Yamaha USB midi interface to using the midi in on my Yamaha Sw1000xg card. I thought it might be an IRQ problem, but even after moving the Delta it pops if I use the USB interface.

    Is anyone else getting an unusual amount popping when playing live with GS and any of the Delta cards?


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    Re: Delta 44 with Giga


    I have the latest drivers and I\'m only running VST and Gigasampler. I\'m not having any midi problems but I\'m unable to use the MAudio ASIO drivers in VST no matter if I have the drivers in independant mode or not. Is there some other trick or are the 1010\'s are set up differently? Also if I set Gigasampler up to use the Delta and then shut Gigasampler down, I STILL can\'t use the drivers. I have to reboot my machine...its driving me nuts!


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