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Topic: Which Sound Cards are Multi-Client?

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    Which Sound Cards are Multi-Client?

    As a kind of continuation from my previous post I\'d like to ask if anyone out there is using a multi-client sound card. For those who don\'t immediately know what I\'m talking about this is a card which allows you to use Gigasampler on audio channels 3&4, whilst using a sequencer on audio channels 1&2. Such a multi-client sound card is exactly what I\'m looking for.

    To my knowledge the Darla24, Gina, & Layla are all multi-client. I have heard rumour that the Delta series is multi-client, is this true? I have also heard that both the Terratec EWS88 and the WamiBox24 are NOT multi-client.
    As I am after a killer GSIF sound card I was hoping that some of you guys out there might help by sharing your experiences of these cards.


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    Re: Which Sound Cards are Multi-Client?

    I\'m not sure what you a referring to is Multiclient - I think you mean \'multichannel\' and yes I have Delta 1010 and I use it exactly the way you describe. Giga on 1&2 and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 on 3&4


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    Re: Which Sound Cards are Multi-Client?

    Hi GigaDiga,
    I have had a Soundscape Mixtreme since February, which is multi-client - and it works like a dream with high end on-board DSP, GSIF driver etc.

    I think they were one of the first sound card manufacturers to offer a Win2000 driver - although not GSIF (for reasons you probably know). And that\'s Soundscape in a nutshell:

    The right philosophy

    At the bottom I have quoted another satisfied Mixtreme owner from our \"private\" forum for registered customers.

    And no: I do not have stock options in Soundscape-Digital


    Mixtreme card sound Fantastic!

    Wondering why.
    I\'m a Mixtreme newbie I just installed two of them in two separate pcs. My configuration is typical for my ilk of composer/scorer/post-productioner. One pc is devoted to gigglesamper. 1 tdif port goes to a ssio3, the other
    to the mixtreme in my main DAW. The other DAW mixtreme tdif port connects to my O3D.
    I\'ve had a number of audio cards and have considered them sounding great. However, I was unprepared for how much better the exact same audio sounds going through the mixtreme card. It\'s simply amazing.

    So what is it about this board that sounds so great? Is some incredible low-jitter or synching capability? are the device
    drivers (I dual boot NT4.0SP5 and Win98SE and the sound was consistent on both platforms) written by a super engineer?
    Super quality components?

    Totally stoked,

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    Re: Which Sound Cards are Multi-Client?

    Giggle sampler , thats a good one.
    Just wanted to ad my two cents and say ,as nice as the mixtreme sounds from the desciptions ,it is not 24 bit 96k capable [that was something ,I was looking for in a sound card] . I have a gina 24 sound card and I am very happy with it ,it has gsif drivers and is fully capatable with giga sampler . And for the price of $300 discount ,you get 24/96 capability,a 2 in and 8 out break out box , and it sounds very clean.
    Although I think the ultimate card out there right now for a daw set up [giga sampler and sequencer/digital recorder ] is the Midiman 1010 ,it has gsif drivers ,8 in and 8 out capable and the a to d and d to a converters are outside the computer . It cost alittle more [around $699 discount],but I think it\'s the mother of all the cards as far as sound quality and support goes.

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    Re: Which Sound Cards are Multi-Client?

    As I understand it, the Mixtreme is 24\\96Khz capable. This is acheived by using an external word-clock at the appropriate rate.

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    Re: Which Sound Cards are Multi-Client?

    Ba doingggg (eyes drop out and bounce on the floor)

    Did I read you right Kenn159? Did you say you have a Gina24 with GSIF drivers?

    If so then that goes contrary to what Echo have told me... i.e. that such drivers do not currently exist for the Gina24.

    Hmmm interested

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    Re: Which Sound Cards are Multi-Client?

    Ahhh reading your other post I guess you meant to write Darla24 instead of Gina24.

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    Re: Which Sound Cards are Multi-Client?

    Hi all
    In regards to Links statement ,The Mixtreme is not a true 24/96 card because even though the bit word length is 24 bits, the converters are only 20 bits .
    And Giga Digga , sorry I meant Darla not Gina.

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    Re: Which Sound Cards are Multi-Client?

    My Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96 works with Gigastudio (it did not work with Gigasampler). I\'m still experimenting, but it seems to work quite well. The benefit of the Direct Pro is that you do not need an external mixer. The Direct Pro has very good mic preamps, phantom power, and a software mixer.

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    Re: Which Sound Cards are Multi-Client?

    I have Giga running on two different machines: One has a Mixtreme and the other has a Frontier Dakota. Both cards work great and both are multi-client.

    I run Reality and Giga at the same time on the Mixtreme.

    I run a slew of softsynths and Giga on the Dakota. The Dakota\'s ASIO driver is also multi-client and can be used AT THE SAME TIME as the GSIF and MME drivers. Amazingly flexible.

    When a vendor tells you that their card is multi-client be sure to ask what drivers can be loaded and running AT THE SAME TIME if this is important to you.

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