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Topic: Layla24, Mona, & Gina24

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    Layla24, Mona, & Gina24

    Hi all!

    I just got a mail back from those freindly chaps at Echoaudio.

    Layla24, Gina24, and Mona do NOT currently support Gigasampler. Shame I really rather fancied one. I was, however, told that over the coming weeks they hope to resolve this issue. I\'ll keep you posted.

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    Re: Layla24, Mona, & Gina24

    I have the darla 24 which is the same as the gina without spdif and it supports giga sampler.

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    Re: Layla24, Mona, & Gina24

    Yeah it\'s strange isn\'t it.

    I would have thought, based on the driver support for Gina, Layla, and Darla24, that the new echo cards would automatically support GSIF.

    But apparently they dont....

    as yet.

    As GSIF support is in the pipeline for these products then I\'m in two minds whether to wait or not. Hmmm that gives me an idea for another mail....

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    Re: Layla24, Mona, & Gina24

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by gigaDiga:

    Layla24, Gina24, and Mona do NOT currently support Gigasampler.

    That\'s surprising. I\'m sure they WILL support Giga (they would be suicidal NOT to), but it\'s safest to wait.

    Gina supports it fine. It\'s 20-bit. Can you really hear those last 4 bits? :-)

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    Re: Layla24, Mona, & Gina24

    from previous post

    Gina supports it fine. It\'s 20-bit. Can you really hear those last 4 bits? :-)

    Ive never had a chance to a/b the 20 bit and the 24 bit darlas side by side to hear the difference . It\'s not just 4 bits ,it\'s also the Darla 24 has double the sampling rate . Darla 20 bit/48k verses darla 24bit/96k.
    The last sound card I had was a soundbaster live 16 bit card and compared to that the darla 24 has alot hotter output and it sounds much smoother.

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    Re: Layla24, Mona, & Gina24

    What am I missing here? Where can you get Gina 24 and Layla 24? I haven\'t seen them anywhere. I have the original Gina and I like it ok but I would like something better. I think I am going to go with the mixtreme card pretty soon.


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    Re: Layla24, Mona, & Gina24

    Its news to me too Donnie. As far as I know Gina 24 and Layla 24 haven\'t even shipped. Only Mona.

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    Re: Layla24, Mona, & Gina24

    After Echo broke off from Event [there distibuter] The echo cards seem to have had lower visability[less advertizing ,fewer stores handling them] .I dont know if that\'s a temporary situation or permanant.Im not really sure what retailers are carrying the echo product ,but you can find more info on there products at www.echo.com .Im sure if you called them on the phone they would give you a list of retailers that are carrying there products .

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    Re: Layla24, Mona, & Gina24

    Oopps sorry, the right address is www.echoaudio.com

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