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Topic: TCM Entrants...Bueller?

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    TCM Entrants...Bueller?

    Did anyone else enter the competition this year? I did, but only my the skin of my teeth...which is a disturbingly odd saying. I have been so busy I wasn't able to work on my entry until just the last couple of weeks. So because of the time crunch, my goal shifted slightly. Rather than spend a bunch of time tweaking, if I could simply make the deadline and enter, I would be satisfied with that achievement. Life is short. Celebrate what you can.

    I picked the Shoot the Lizard clip. That moment where the chick stands in the door way with that look on her face and backs up slowly in terror... too juicy. I had to write to that!

    And so, the night before, just like college, I was up until 5AM programming, recording and finally uploading. Overall, I am happy with my entry. It doesn't sound completely hacked together. I'll post it over in the demo section in the next couple of days.

    Anyone else with an experience to share?

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    Re: TCM Entrants...Bueller?

    I scored a scene... I can't remember what it was called... the one where the guys do a fake head-chopping. I actually did mine within the first week of the contest because I knew I would be too busy later on... which I was.

    I'll post my score sometime as well. I like what I did, but I kept the music at the same tempo throughout (it's only a minute), and some listeners may think that too uninteresting perhaps...
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    Re: TCM Entrants...Bueller?

    I did the cat fight scene, got it in in the nick of time too, with about three minutes to go. I'm so happy with GPO. nothing in this year's entry sounds like a synth (like my last two submissions)
    I'll post mine in a day or too also.
    good luck!

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    Re: TCM Entrants...Bueller?

    I started on the crazy iguana scene last week but I was too busy to finish it. One more week and I could have made it. Sigh. This happens to me every year.


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