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Topic: Conexant Endless Wavestream Synth

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    Conexant Endless Wavestream Synth


    Can anyone make head or tail out of the following link.

    I kinda get the gist of what is being said but am wondering whether this is a competitor to GS..or alternatively how it works with GS

    Can anyone help
    who can talk corporate BOL***KS..


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    Re: Conexant Endless Wavestream Synth

    WOW KIA your on to something here. This is definitely not a competitor if you noticed there is a link to nemesys from that page. Conexant has always worked with Nemesys. This has really got me thinking now Whats going on at Nemesys. Something big must be happening I can\'t wait to see whats next.

    Things are really looking up!!!
    This is amazing info.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Conexant Endless Wavestream Synth

    256 notes polyphony with two synthesis engines plus reverb and chorus... I can\'t see how Nemesys could now release a 2.0 version with no effects at all... I may be wrong but Connexan is the owner (if not the creator) of the endless wave technology used in...gigasampler. As they already share patents, they\'re probably going to share enhancements to their respective babies...
    It looks good...

    ;-) Bifop

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    Re: Conexant Endless Wavestream Synth

    Way Cool--according to the spec sheet,it also has a built in midi sequencer. It\'s probably bare bones, but at least its a step towards better everything-on-one-pc setups.

    Dear Nemesys, We could speculate to death, or you could tell us, are these going to be the features we will see in the 2.0 upgrade? Is the Conexant Player avail. through them, or is it only avail. as \"Gigasampler\"?
    Thank You.

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    Re: Conexant Endless Wavestream Synth

    Dunno about you guys but it looks like a lot of pants to me.

    I mean, I don\'t want to have some kind of cheap reverb or chorus on-line for my samples. I want o be able to choose from excellent plugins like Waves, DSP-FX, or Hyperprism. The ULTIMATE Gigasampler would be one that used DUAL processors, and could run anywhere between 1 and 20 of these plugins of your own choosing, using an Auxilliary bus sytem, so that I can send a couple of string samples to a Hyperprism Hyperverb, some rythm loops to a C1 Compressor and say various vocal samples to a phaser, then into a reverb.

    This is what I want, does anyone else want the same type of thing?? I hope Nemesys do at least.

    P.s. I second the question someone else asked; Does anyone know if Giga is safely compatible with the Athlon? Would be very nice if it was.

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    Re: Conexant Endless Wavestream Synth

    Ok, here is the scoop.

    A little history, bear with me ..

    The founders of NemeSys started working on a software synthesizers about nine years ago. The first product they developed was a technology called WaveStream. It was owned and marketed by a company called Brooktree, which was later bought by Rockwell, which last year spun off and became Conexant
    whew ...

    The WaveStream technology was a RAM-based technology and served the multimeida community as an alternative to hardware wavetable solutions. While at Rockwell/Conexant, the developers of WaveStream invented/patented the first disk-based wavetable solution called Endless Wave. Conexant, in addition to PC modem technology, has been a major player multimedia grade audio products - both hardware and software. One of their products is a version of the EndlessWave engine tuned for the multimedia world, along with a midi file player, called the Conexant Player.

    About three years ago, the developers of WaveStream/EndlessWave started NemeSys. We have been awarded a exclusive license of the EndlessWave technology in the MI industry. In addition, the NemeSys engineers continue to advance the software technology. Nemesys deploys a professional version of the technology in the MI market with products like the GigaSampler, and Conexant uses the technology in its multimedia grade products.

    The important thing to remember is that these two companies are working in synch. The Conexant Player was designed to be a fancy Midi file player. It can use one of three types of synthesizer: a highly-efficinent RAM-based synth (based on the WaveStream technology, used for games), a RAM-based EndlessWave synthesizer, and a Disk-based version of EndlessWave. Now, the 256-voice polyphony is spec\'d off the RAM-based technology, not the Disk-based technology. The effects module used in the Conexant Player was designed to ehance the game playing experience. On the other hand, NemeSys is currently developing a series of effects modules designed for professional musicians.
    Details to be disclosed soon ...

    In short, NemeSys is happy to see Conexant setting a new standard for PC audio in the multimedia space. By the same token, we will continue to do music\'s good work in the MI space.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Conexant Endless Wavestream Synth

    Thanks for setting the record straight. The future still sounds bright, and like good ladies and germs, we will patiently await the details of V.2...NOT! (all together now) \"WE WANT V.2!,WE WANT V.2!\"

    (sorry, everyone\'s a comedian)

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    Re: Conexant Endless Wavestream Synth

    For sure I\'d like to be able to run DSP fx, Wave or TC Works plugs in with giga sampler !!! For now I use the cheapo but quite good Sound Blaster Live Efx (in digital, it\'s not so bad at all) in a dedicated machine. Dual processor support would be good but with the Athlon release and the rapid increase in processor speed we see nowadays, we could do without. Anyway, what a quantum leap it would be to have online (built in or\\and third party) effects!!!
    And again, I\'m amazed we\'re discussing such issues today (thanx to Nemesys and conexant)we\'re a few years back I was thinking how nice it would be to have 16 megs of RAM in my S1100 !!!
    Thank you Jo to clear it for us.

    By the way, I\'ve just built a dedicated controller for Giga. It is really good to have some knobs to use the full potential of giga. You\'ll find details at http://vellocet.ii.net/software/VMIDIJoY.html

    Best regards

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    Re: Conexant Endless Wavestream Synth

    Looks like the Conexant Player (CP) will be to Gigasampler as Surreal is to Reality. The GM sound sets will bundle the CP, hopefully widening the consumer base for Gigasampler sound disks. I like Reality but I find that Surreal is a great way to quickly try out arrangements. I can see using CP for the same purpose if the interface is as simple as Surreal. Also, the Conexant editor will allow the loading of soundfonts, which puts it on par with Reality and Surreal.

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    Re: Conexant Endless Wavestream Synth


    Check out www.dabs.co.uk and click on the AMD shop and you should be able to see some great prices on AMD chips including the Athlon...

    I understand the theories now of what is going on with conexant..

    It does paint a rosier picture because I did make the comment on this web site a while ago that it won\'t be long before other companies may gain additional licence to do variations of the Endless Wave Technology and that may be a problem. The reason being is that if Company X release a product called Squggersampler and that it was cheaper than Nemesys\'s software then all R&D would be looked at more from a commercial point of view rather than a support and improve point of view..

    Its Monday here in blighty and I am still semi asleep so bear with me..


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