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Topic: LynxONE and GigaStudio

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    LynxONE and GigaStudio

    The LynxONE is compatible with GigaSampler, but it does not show up on Nemesys\' hardware list for GigaStudio. Anyone know if Lynx is working on new drivers for GigaStudio?

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    Re: LynxONE and GigaStudio

    I have a LynxOne and it seems to work very well with Giga. Sometimes when using Giga with Cubase on the same machine, I notice the latency will increase after a while, (it happens with my Diamond Monster card too.) I restart and everything is fine.

    That may be a quirk in my setup. The Lynx card sounds wonderful, and it has selectable +4 or -10 dbv outs. It\'s very clean and it\'s nice and loud.

    My dime\'s worth anyway

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