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Topic: any usb or pcmcia card ?

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    any usb or pcmcia card ?

    Any sound card for a laptop works with Gigasampler?
    I try the Roland UA-30 without succes.


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    Re: any usb or pcmcia card ?

    Two issues to keep in mind:
    1. Nemesys recommend PCI cards over USB because of \'speed\' issues.
    2. Few laptops have the ideal hard disk access and transfer speeds which Gigasampler wants (7200rpm, 9.5ms or better access etc.,)

    From Nemesys:
    A: Notebook\\laptop computers are generally not recommended for running the GigaSampler. They tend to perform
    slower than their desktop counterparts of the same advertised speed. The miniaturization plays a part in slowing
    things down. Due to lack of readily available PCMCIA soundcards, the audio output on laptop computers doesn’t
    compare either. The power management will also cause major problems.

    If you have a docking station and PCI slot, maybe you can use a direct sound compatible soundcard like the Creative SB Live - I keep reading posts from people who are having success using it, even though Nemesys say it\'s a system hog.

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    Re: any usb or pcmcia card ?

    Just found this: http://pacher.netliberte.org/UK/e_sound.htm

    It\'s three years old, but there are contact addresses there you might find useful.

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    Re: any usb or pcmcia card ?

    Have a close look at the Wamibox from Egosys.
    They make a very good Multichannel GSIF compatible unit called the Wamirack also - so they know how to get their latency down.
    Note the comment about it on the Seer page I referred to before.
    Egosys sell direct as well apparently. http://egosys.net/eng/egosys.html

    Also Digigram (Never heard of them though) http://www.digigram.com/products/sound_cards.html

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    Re: any usb or pcmcia card ?

    The docking stations seem like an ideal solution for reliable portable use. The cards from Egosys and Digigram will hopefully be compatible before too long if not already for standard laptop use. PCMCIA and usb may work but there could be some latency issues with them.
    We\'ll keep you all informed on what we learn.
    Take care

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    Re: any usb or pcmcia card ?

    The only half way reliable pcmcia card that I am aware of is the VX Pocket. I\'ll get some more info on it today and let you know.

    Donnie Christian
    DS Soundware http://www.dssoundware.com

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