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Topic: OT-Computers

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    I wasn't sure where to put this, and I don't mean to bore you all. Maybe it should be under tech support, because I have read a few entries where people were having trouble getting something to work. It's not that I have any concrete answers. Just that as some of you may know, we just got a new computer, because I just couldn't make the one we had before, work. The computer is working extremely well so far. I've even been able to get all types of sound files to play through our M-Audio sound card and good set of speakers, where before I had to use two different sound cards and sets of speakers The thing that is getting to me though, is that I keep finding things out. Today it was, that apparently, none of the updates I did before, even took, though the version numbers said they did. I didn't 'know' that the updated GPO studio had a new icon or look, for example, until I updated this computer. I guess it's just making me wonder, with anybody who might be having problems with something, if it's not really you or the software. Maybe it's the computer. It isn't like I don't at least TRY to follow directions. I guess this proves that it wasn't me. It is probably a good thing I'm not part of tech support. I might be very inclined to tell them to just throw it out. It can't be fixed!!!


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    Good words, that unfortunately sometime need to be said.


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