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Topic: Problems Registering Bosendorfer 290

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    Problems Registering Bosendorfer 290

    I just purchased Bosendorfer 290, and I installed it last night. I tried to register it using the registration tool using the "register with another computer with internet access" option.

    When I run it I get an error message that says, "01p.html not found at (here it gives the path to the eastwest directory)"

    Is there any way to get this 01p.html file? I looked in the directory and found a 01.html, 02.html, 02b.html, but no 01p.html.



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    Re: Problems Registering Bosendorfer 290

    I had a similar problem --- I could not get it registered with my Logic AU.

    I got best results calling East West Tech support vs. calling Native Instruments.

    It took me a good week to get it straightened out --- and it was only something that tech support could solve.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Problems Registering Bosendorfer 290

    Actually, I have since recieved a response from Native Instruments. They seem to be on top of this stuff. I just have to email them the code, and they will email me back the response. I'm a little suprised that no one else (other than us) have had this problem. I looked for this 01p.html file all over the DVD and my drive, and didn't find one for this instrument. I did find copies for GPO and other Kompakt players, but not this one.

    Oh well, looks like it should be solved soon.



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