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Topic: Rhapsody for piano

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    Rhapsody for piano

    hello again forum!

    I have put one of my pianno pieces into Sibelius and again linked up with GPO - my favourite combination - hope you like it any tips on the control of pedals using midi commands much appreciated - maybe I should post that question http://sibeliusmusic.com/mp3/8/4/0/84068.mp3in the tips forum as well

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    Re: Rhapsody for piano

    I liked this piece!

    This is a fine Romantic style arrangement!

    It seemed a little distant though... a bit too much reverb perhaps.

    I'm always interested in hearing new piano works...

    Keep e'm coming!

    great job!


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    Smile Re: Rhapsody for piano

    Thanks for the comments Jeff - glad you liked it!

    Yes, I used alot of reverb on the recording, as this is how i play it at home - with lots of pedal. I'll experiment with the midi pedal commands though and see what the results are. I also had the GPO Ambience setting on concert hall, so perhaps it was a little to much for it!

    I have a few more piano pieces to put up here once I've put them into Sibelius first - back to work I guess

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    Re: Rhapsody for piano

    A fine Romantic flourish, GB!

    I hear what Jeff is saying on the mix; but I don't think it's really too much reverb (maybe?). I can't quite put my finger on it... maybe the size of the space?



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    Re: Rhapsody for piano

    HI David,

    Like you liked the piece as well - and thanks for listening as always!

    There's nothing like going back and re-listening after a little time and I know where you and Jeff are comming from. to me the recording sounds as if I had the mic right in the piano - maybe a bit to much "in your ear"!. Also, the use of octaves throughout the right hand may effect how the piece sounds.

    Playing this on my piano at home produces a different sound and I am now seeing (hearing?) the difference between composition on paper and getting the appropiate performance - an interesting topic (I think!).

    Many Thanks again.

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    Re: Rhapsody for piano

    Getting piano sound right, I've found, is far trickier than you might think. (And any good sound engineer will tell you that, even in vivo, it's probably the toughest instrument to record well.)

    I don't think the octaves have anything to do with it, in this case.

    But, as I think I mentioned, maybe tinkering with the "room size" (or whatever equivalent your particular reverb has) might relieve some of the contrained feeling to it.

    I wish I could be more specific -- but myself, I have no "science" to it -- I usually sit there fiddling and twidling the parameters until... it sounds right.



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