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Topic: Sb Live Platinum Problem

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    Sb Live Platinum Problem

    Could anybody shed a light on this one ?

    I just installed a SB Live Platinum [Live Drive II] with the Liveware 3.0 drivers from Creative. When I install GS 1.60, and reboot the computer I get problems with the AudioHQ from Creative [error message : audiohqbt problem]. When I try to solve the problem by going to control panel, the whole computer crashes. My system : PIII 450/256 Mb.

    If somebody could share it\'s experience, I would be very thankful.


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    Re: Sb Live Platinum Problem

    Man that really sounds like a question for Creative Tech support. Call em up. They\'re not that hard to get hold of. I\'ve talked to them on numerous occasions over the last year and a half and they\'re usually quite helpful.
    Sometimes the walk through is quite in depth and in your case theyll probably recommend an elaborate removal process whereby ever file that cut exist on your computer relating to SB Live is deleted before reloading the program and drivers. If you didn\'t already know it\'s often beneficial to press cntrl-alt delete to bring up the window and exit out of every program running except systray and explorer. Especially quite any antivirus program, internet connection, fax, anything that could interupt and so on.

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