You guys at Memesys (Dave and Sergio) seem to be more reponsive to questions posted on this forum than you are to queries sent directly to nemeys tech support. Anyway, as a new user, I find the learning curve steep and ask help from you all about my foibles in learing to use GS.

I look forward to trying to use your sampler and have had some beginning success. I have 3 small problems you can help me with:

1) When I boot my computer, and play a CD or use WinAMp, the sound comes out of my Altec computer speakers, i.e., the sound works normally. I then start Cakewalk with Layla deliberately off. When I try and play back thru the computer external speakers, nothing comes out. I turn Layla on and reboot. Cakewalk plays back thru Layla, but not thru the external speakers. I start GS-LE and now CW will playback thru the externals. I can now close GS and still have the external speakers operative. How can I play back thru the externals without having to go thru GS and Layla, i.e., how can a Get back control of the external speakers thru Cakewalk?

2) When I did the tutorials with the Wizard, I find that when I map a wav file to the keyboard, e.g. c4-c5 in the editor, when I go to the keyboard, I need to use c5-c6 to get the midi input. I do I make it WISIWIG? Once the waves ore mapped in the editor, can you audition them in the editor by pressing the mapped key? How can I audition a sample that has additional controllers associated with the note? In the Drag and Drop tutorial with the Fusion samples, I found that the first phrases played noticeable slower, sub tempo than the 8th key Why?

3) I have gotten individual drum files in gig format from the Russian web site. I want to combine them into one file and change the mapping of the midi triggers that I can use conveniently. What is the best way to do this?