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Topic: soundcard ports

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    soundcard ports

    Anyone using multi softsynths out there?
    Do you need a seperate sound card port for each? My card has two ports, I\'m using one for Reality and one for audio. I\'m getting Gigasampler and wonder if I\'ll need another card to be able to monitor everything.

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    Re: soundcard ports

    In my experience, some applications share audio ports just fine all the time, some hog them and don\'t share, and sometimes things work if you start one application before another.

    I just tested Reality and GS together right now, they share an audio port just fine. I don\'t know if the situation is different with different soundcards and drivers tho.

    I\'m using a Dakota card so I have lots of output ports (you can never have too many IMO!) The drivers for this card support GSIF, but currently not directX. With Reality, though, the standard Wave driver has virtually no latency (this surprises me since some programs that have very little latency with my SBLive\'s directX drivers require rather large buffers and latency with the Dakota.)

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    Re: soundcard ports

    As far as applications sharing audio ports --I think your sound card needs to support multi-client ports to do that. AFAIK the normal case is one client/port.

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    Re: soundcard ports


    In my experience, not many cards are multi-client when it comes to different driver formats (ie. GSIF and MME). One card I know that is multi-client is the Soundscape Mixtreme. This can be shared between GSIF, MME and ASIO2 at the same time.


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    Re: soundcard ports

    I found that Gigasampler worked well with Bitheadz Retro AS1 and the onboard EMU saamplers and the Creative wavetable synths of my Soundblaster Live in Cakewalk rendering of Emerson, Lake and Palmer\'s Trilogy.
    I had Giga doing the Piano and 1 synth part.
    Retro doing 2 other synth parts. With soundfonts through EMU/Soundblaster I assigned Drums, Hammond, Vocal, Oboe and Bass guitar, other parts were taken by the Creative wavetable synths. I\'ll admit my 500mHz 128MB 15gig set up was skimming the bottom but man what a nice sound and still latency was within reason. Most people don\'t excpect much from SB Live but it always suprises me plus it has \"Lexicon\" quality efx and sells for $169 internet for Platinum with front panel i/o and digital i/o\'s too.
    Using offboard Midiman converters the sound really improves.

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    Re: soundcard ports


    That\'s interesting, I\'m surprised the SoundBlaster could handle 2 drivers at once. What driver was Retro using?

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    Re: soundcard ports

    I don\'t know how it\'s working only that it is
    This is all through the latest vers Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. Under the midi outputs menu I select them all and then select them according to which channel I want them on.
    Piano parts assigned to 1 gig piano
    Synth parts Retrp AS1 and so forth
    Again I would like to emphasize that it wasn\'t very stable but the fact that it worked at all gives me hopes that with more memory it\'ll be fine

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