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Topic: GigaSampler with 32 Megs

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    GigaSampler with 32 Megs

    I am in the process of purchasing all the required hardware in order to run(hard drive, soundcard) GigaSampler LE with my Compaq presario 200Mhz
    32Meg computer(I can\'t upgrade to 120megs-cheap computer!). Although I know that minimum requirements for running the software is 32Megs, I don\'t want to make a mistake.
    Will I run into any problems with 32megs?
    Can anybody help me!

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    Re: GigaSampler with 32 Megs

    Even if you put an ultra Scsi card with a cheetah or barracuda hard disk, you will not be able to load and play more than two-three
    simple instruments.
    Of course you must forget running cubase VST along with gigasampler.
    64 megs of ram and a Pentium II 266 cpu, i thing is the minimum requirement you must have.

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    Re: GigaSampler with 32 Megs


    Gflam5 is right on the money and add onto the list that \"Windoze\" uses a fair chunk of your ram as well....

    I used to have a AMD pentium 200 myself but I had 64 mb memory and it made all the difference...

    \"whoever said LESS is more eh !\"


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