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Topic: Darla 24 and sample levels to HOT

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    Darla 24 and sample levels to HOT

    I am not sure how many of you are using the darla 24 for gigasampler, but I am currently getting signal levels when using balanced cables that are too hot for my mixer. I have the gigasampler attenuation at -4 right now and the darla 24 outputs at +4 (balanced) and I am still getting some clipping on my mixer with the master level set to zero. Does anyone know how to properly set up this equipment (I guess really any soundcard with balanced outputs) to work properly with a mixer set that it doesn\'t clip periodically. Like I said before, I have gigasampler to -4 right now and it still red lines on samples like GM500, steinway b, and some of the ones that came with gigasampler LE. Anyh input would be greatly appreciated. I also have an Lexicon MPX100 which I am having trouble setting the levels because of this problem. Also, if you use balanced outputs say for gigasampler, does it render bad results with non-balanced signal input like from a keyboard source or other?



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    Re: Darla 24 and sample levels to HOT

    What mixer are you using? Make sure you\'re pluggging into the line inputs (usually jacks) & not the mic (usually XLR) inputs.

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    Re: Darla 24 and sample levels to HOT


    Thanks for the reply. I am using a Behringer MX802 mixer and I am using the line inputs and not the XLR\'s (microphone) inputs. PLease let me know if any more info may be helpful.


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    Re: Darla 24 and sample levels to HOT

    I dont either piece of gear, but maybe some in-line 10 dB (or so)pads will help. Neutrik do a modular connector with a large barrel that I have used for this purpose.
    Hope this helps

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