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Topic: Darla 24/96

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    Darla 24/96

    Im about to buy the darla 24/96 for giga sampler . Any opinions about how well it works with giga sampler . I understand it has the gsif drivers , which is cool . Any users out there curently using it have any opinions about the sound quality , ease of installation and compatability with giga sampler ? thanks , ken

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    Re: Darla 24/96


    I use the Darla 24 in a PII-450 system with 256 megs of ram and gigasampler LE. Overall, I think the sound quality of the Darla 24 using balanced equipment is very good. The only problem I have had with gigasampler has been with playing the larger instruments like the steinway b, etc. I had occasionally increases in latency before I moved my system up to 256mb of ram. I still get them once in a while, but they are very infrequent. Otherwise, the card seems to work extremely well with gigasampler. Be sure to have the latest drivers for the darla 24 (ver 5.02) and gigasampler ver 1.62. My only complaint about the card is lack of midi interface. If it had the midi interface built in, I think it would be near impossible to beat for the price.


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    Re: Darla 24/96

    Thanks Stephen
    I have a pen 3 with 128 megs of ram and I have also had problems playing the big files like the bosendorf 1.8 using the sustain pedal , I called Nemesys about it yesterday and they said to download the very latest drivers for the ATA-66 controller on my motherboard [which controlles my giga dedecated harddrive] and maybe that should help they said , Ill have to try that in the next couple day\'s . My problem seems simular to your\'s, and Im using the sb live card , so maybe your card has nothing to do with that problem. Ill be getting the darla in via UPS next monday , I just hope it works alright with the sb live because I wanted to use the live card for my midi input and spdif in and out. thanks , Ken

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