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Topic: Waveterminal 2496 and GS LE no output

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    Waveterminal 2496 and GS LE no output


    I have just bought a EgoSys Waveterminal 2496 to run with Gigasampler LE. I have selected GSIF output in GS but nothing comes out. I can see the output bars moving and the midilight flashing but it does not make a sound. I have set the correct output in the Waveterminal controlpanel too. I also have a Soundblaster Live! that actually works with GS but I want to use the Waveterminal \'cause the sound is so much better. Any ideas?

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    Re: Waveterminal 2496 and GS LE no output

    Mattias-Did you select the WaveTerminal in the Giga configuration set-up? Is wave one selected in the WaveTerminal mixer as input for either the digital or analog output?
    Remember to power down Giga after changing
    configuration settings, then power up (not the computer, just Giga).Is the WaveTerminal
    recognized in your PC under Systems,devices,
    sound cards, in the Windows control panel?
    Finally, make sure a digital audio sequencer
    does not have the WaveTerminal selected-only
    Giga should be using it. Good Luck!

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    Re: Waveterminal 2496 and GS LE no output

    OK, I got it to work now. It turns out that there is a hidden menu if you right click in the Mixer applet of waveterminal where you can enable Gigasampler. This is probably explained in manual for the PC version of Waveterminal but I got the MAC version (\'cause the store didnt have anything else). Thanks for the help anyway.

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    Re: Waveterminal 2496 and GS LE no output

    How much better does the Waveterminal sound - compared to SB Live? I plan to buy one too


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    Re: Waveterminal 2496 and GS LE no output

    How good are the Egosys AD\\DA converters?
    I am thinking about checking out the Wami Rack. Dave of Nemesys was very impressed with the Waveterminal in terms of Giga applications and stated in an earlier posting on this site that there were no clicks or pops even when playing Giga piano. I also want to record vocals and live instruments; however, and I am curious as to whether Egosys AD\\DA coverters are top of the line.

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    Re: Waveterminal 2496 and GS LE no output

    It sound a heck of a lot better plus you can run the SB Live! thru the digital input of the Waveterminal to bypass the crappy DA converters of the Live!

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