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Topic: ISIS and Gigasampler

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    ISIS and Gigasampler

    Hi, I\'m new on this forum.
    I just bought Gigasampler LE a few days ago,a nd I met a problem.

    I have a Celeron 450 - Win 98 - UW SCSI Hard Disk - Guillemot ISIS.
    I use Cubase VST, Wavelab and On the ASIO I disconnected the inputs 1 &
    2 to let Gigasampler free for use it.

    No message on midi, when I click on the pic above, I get an alert message
    that says : \"An audio application or hardware is using the audio
    hardware, please close the applications and hardware using the audio
    hardware before trying this command again\".

    I would be very happy if someone could help me.

    Musically Yours

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    Re: ISIS and Gigasampler


    I\'ve got the same probleme with ISIS.
    I can\'t activate GS Midi Loop.

    Doesn\'t the soundbank manager close Midi ports?

    Please help us....


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    Re: ISIS and Gigasampler

    It\'s possible to use the ISIS with Giga 1.6, but only through Maestro device.
    So you need to set GS with Maestro Device (In Music Configuration for instance) and to check the cd/line/mic input in the 8/4 Console.
    Then it works, but only with the Maestro, which means a poor sound quality, and a very low sound level.
    To boost it, you can set the 8/4 Console Input Level to +6dB.

    That\'s all folks.
    If you want to use the full possibilities of your ISIS, ask Guillemot to write a real GSIF driver, or just a real DirectSound driver to operate the Dream.


    PS: Fredzouille, t\'es frenchouze ?

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    Re: ISIS and Gigasampler


    Since I\'m in a grouch mood... it never fails to annoy me that this VERY SAME PROBLEM was discussed a few threads down... Don\'t you bother to read it and take on board what is said....do you possibly think that your ISIS is a bit different to everyone else\'s.. I wonder what the point of explaining things are if no one reads em..

    Please take time to look at other people who may have experienced something similer. I can\'t even be bothered to copy the thread on here for you to read..



    I know someone will tell me to be patient with newbies and I shouldn\'t let it get to me. I am that way out today..I\'m sorry to everyone else for my rants..

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    Re: ISIS and Gigasampler

    Thanks guys...

    ISIS keeps on being a mystery to me since GigaSampler happens to work \"sometimes\" with the normal configuration. Actually I often use several self-made softwares that set and close Midi ports, curiousely this also helps to activate GS loop (not only through Maestro device.

    Kia, you\'re right, sorry to be dumb: I realized a bit too late my page was locked on \"show topics from last 5 days\". Next time I\'ll first try the forum search engine, I promise!


    PS: Yes Vincenzzo, I\'m frenchouze (from Nice 06)

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