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Topic: Designing my system...

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    Designing my system...

    I am looking for validation of my design... Some components I already have, others I am integrating. My objective is to purchase Giga and the Frontier Wavecenter card and use that with my current system CWPA 9.0 and Yamaha DS2416 & AX16 ADAT card.

    My plan is to run Giga and send the out put through the Wavecenter card out via the ADAT channel and in via my AX16 ADAT channel into my DS2416 card.

    My thought is that CWPA midi tracks will trigger Giga to route the audio back into audio tracks in CWPA.

    Is this going to work?


    Jeff Krause

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    Re: Designing my system...

    I bet it will work, I do something similar. I have a Dakota, so GS goes out on that via the GSIF interface and then I loop the audio back via a lightpipe aux send on my Spirit 328 mixer. This works fine, and I can record it back simulaneously while it plays in Cakewalk, or I can record it in other programs as well. I assume the WaveCenter also has a GSIF driver?

    The only other thing you\'ll need to work out is syncing the clocks on the various digital interfaces. The 328 is my clock master, the Dakota gets its clock from the lightpipe in and it all synchronizes fine.

    It is funny that all this software talks to hardware interfaces when so often I just want to loop the audio back within the computer. It would be cool if there were a software loopback driver that supported GSIF, directX, ASIO etc. At least with lightpipe there\'s no loss in the loop.

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    Re: Designing my system...

    Maybe you should get on the case to that guy who designed the Virtual Audio Cable and get him to write GSIF into his software, that way you could choose VAC as your audio output in Gigasampler and suck it back into a track on your sequencer.....

    ...just a thought....


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