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Topic: Gigasampler, ISIS & VST

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    Gigasampler, ISIS & VST

    I just bought a copy of Gigasampler LE and after tearing my hair out, smashing half a dozen coffee cups and kicking the cat half to death I managed to get it installed and running - but it seems you can only use it when you\'re in the ISIS multi-media mode.
    This is a bit impractical for integration with VST so I\'m wondering whether there\'s any way to use it in 8/4 mode.
    Or should I just get a SB Value card solely for GS output?
    I\'m new so please excuse my naivete!

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    Re: Gigasampler, ISIS & VST

    I\'m not sure what the terms \"ISIS multi-media mode\" or \"8/4 mode\" are. However, I use GS with VST with no problems.

    I use the MOTU 2408 for VST (ASIO drivers) and a PCI Ensoniq Audio card for GigaSampler. I run VST from within GigaSampler.

    I believe that the key is to have two separate audio cards - one for GS and one for VST.


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    Re: Gigasampler, ISIS & VST

    Hi All
    I hope Dom was kiding about kicking the cat. Anyway just wanted to respond to lougheeds statement about having two audio cards in your computer , one for GS and one for cubase or what ever your sequencer is . I have 3 audio cards, the sound blaster live , the Ensoniq audio pci and the Ensonic audio pci, and I cant get any combination of 2 of those cards to work in my computer with out error conflicts . So Im just running sound blaster live for both aplications and it works fine , because although soundblaster is only a stereo out card , it does have multiclient capabilities .

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    Re: Gigasampler, ISIS & VST


    Sorry to hear of your frustration at using an ISIS card with GS LE....
    The ISIS has 2 sets of drivers working within the card. Set one is the bog standard multimedia driver used for GS and Games and Internet la la la...
    Set two uses a set of drivers for streaming audio which use the \"Dream\" chip also set on the card. It is these drivers that GS has a problem with because they are neither Directsound nor GSIF so GS doesn\'t find them.
    It is the \"Dream\" chip that controls the \"console\" audio. You really don\'t have many options other than installing another \"Directsound\" card or getting an official GSIF card.
    In hindsight it might be an idea to put this problem on a posting somewhere because the ISIS is a stunning card for its price but only if you use it with the version of logic that comes with it... (reason is the ASIO drivers aren\'t to good either)

    We have spawned this thread in the past many times regarding the ISIS card.

    I hope this helps (maybe not)


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    Re: Gigasampler, ISIS & VST

    Thanks for the replies people, I think I\'ll bung a SB in for now - provided I\'ve enough resources left in the computer!

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    Re: Gigasampler, ISIS & VST

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>So Im just running sound blaster live for both aplications and it works fine , because although soundblaster is only a stereo out card , it does have multiclient capabilities.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    You are correct! If you have a multiclient card that works with GS, you can use that single card for both GS and VST. I forgot about this, since the MOTU 2408 doesn\'t work, at all, with GS!


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