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Topic: Sound Blaster Live Platinum

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    Sound Blaster Live Platinum

    Anybody have any experience with this card ? I\'m a classical musician / MIDI \"newbie\" - who\'s learned enough to know this card isn\'t \"state of the art\". But I already have this Acer computer that I\'m getting factory upgraded - and this is the best card that they put in quick-cheap-easy-standard. Specs say that it processes 4 bit to 16 bit. Brochure says it processes \"with 32 bit resolution\" (?). I\'m just aiming to compose/record classical with a Roland 1080 synth module and Cakewalk Pro 9, from my Yamaha keyboard. Any comments on this card ?

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    Re: Sound Blaster Live Platinum

    The SBLive is an excellent value. On the negative side the mic input is very noisy, the line input is a bit noisy (about -70db) and the spdif sends everything at 48Khz. On the positive side, it has extremely tight (low latency) drivers, the EMU10K1 DSP chip is the most powerful on the planet (1000 MIPS compared with 80 MIPS in the Motorola 53K series), it has stunning effects (aka Environmental Audio, has an excellent hardware based 64 note sample player.

    Load the 24 Meg GM Soundfont files from sonicimplants.com and you will have a shockingkly good player for your general MIDI files.

    In April, SBLive owners will be able to purchase the Emu APS 2.0 drivers, which among other things removes the 32Meg barrier on Soundfonts.

    I use an SBLive in the same machine as my Aardvark Direct Pro. No conflicts at all.

    Joe Hardy

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    Re: Sound Blaster Live Platinum

    I use an SB Live Value and find it to be excellent. It\'s fine for what I\'m doing. It\'s the best low-cost card around for GS and other things.

    JP, have you got any more info on the version 2.0 upgrade for the APS? Will it mean that the SB Live will be able to handle digital audio better than usual?

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    Re: Sound Blaster Live Platinum

    For more on the APS 2.0 drivers:

    Joe Hardy

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    Re: Sound Blaster Live Platinum

    Thank you both for these SB comments. - JB

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