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Topic: No Sound

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    No Sound

    Just installed gigasampler, red midi light comes on and meter works, but no sound. Configure menu points to right soundcard output. I\'ve got two DMAN 2044\'s with the latest drivers and am using the midiport on an old soundblaster 16 in an ISA slot running Win98. Nothing\'s muted and all software faders are up. DMAN output\'s 1/2 work fine in other apps. but not with Gig. Please help, thanks.

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    Re: No Sound

    I\'ve found that the 2044 drivers don\'t initialize correctly with GS. What I\'ve had to do is start up GS, go into control panel and the set preferred device to the 2044, play a sound with any sound utility, then set the preferred device back to the Soundblaster. GS then would output to the 2044 after that.

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