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Topic: Those CLICKING sounds!!!!

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    Those CLICKING sounds!!!!

    I have recently changed motherboard and gfx board on my Gigasampler computer. I now have the following setup:

    Abit VA-6 mobo
    256 MB PC100 RAM
    ASUS V6600 Deluxe AGP card
    Celeron 300@450 CPU
    Opcode PC Midi Translator MIDI-interface
    Gina soundcard, v5.02 drivers

    And after I reinstalled everything on this system I am getting more or less random clicking sounds in my playback - and it doesn\'t seem to be very polyphony related.
    Anyone who knows what could be the problem???
    All other programs seem to perform without hickups.


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    Re: Those CLICKING sounds!!!!

    It maybe your hard drive. Have you tried enabling DMA?

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    Re: Those CLICKING sounds!!!!

    My HD\'s are the same as before... and yes, they are actually faster than ever because there\'s an onboard UDMA controller. It is not a question of speed - the clicks can occur with only one sound playing or with 64. Doesn\'t matter.

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    Re: Those CLICKING sounds!!!!

    I think what David means is, have you specifically enabled DMA for the drives in Device Manager. If you’ve done a fresh installation, it will be disabled by default.

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    Re: Those CLICKING sounds!!!!

    I did enable DMA. But now I\'ve been doing some more screwing around with my drivers etc. and it seems to be an issue with the VIA Busmaster IDE drivers. If I choose to disable both IDE channels in the /hard driver controllers/via.... setup, I get no clicks. Instead Gigasampler seems to not be fast enough to handle all MIDI data that is send and misses some notes here and there...

    I wonder if this is a problem that Nemesys or VIA will be looking into. It would be bad if I had to buy an Intel motherboard instead, since this can\'t overclock as much as the VIA ones (due to VIA\'s AGP/2 divider)


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