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Topic: Which is the best DigitalI/O for GS

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    Re: Which is the best DigitalI/O for GS

    I cannot recommend anything, as I haven\'t received my Soundscape Mixtreme yet.

    But I can tell you that this card will give you a 16 channel digital TDIF interface. Link: http://soundscape-digital.com/Products/Mixtreme/Intro/

    This interface can be connected with 2 rack units of the following type: SS8IO-2, which will give you 2*8 = 16 adat channels. Link: http://soundscape-digital.com/Products/Ss8io-2/

    I just ordered this: http://www.soundscape-digital.com/News/Press/9912-1/

    Here: klaus@bestservice.de

    I found no cheaper offers in Europe.


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    Which is the best DigitalI/O for GS

    Hi, I do not own GS, but I think about purchasing it. Now I use an AKAI S2000, but I think, GS is the right thing for me. I\'ve read a lot about it in this board. I hope I\'m allowed to write in this board?!

    Which DigitalI/O-Card is useful for GS. I\'ve purchased a RAMSA WR-DA7 and would like to use 16-Channel ADAT Outputs with the GS. I begin with scoring for multimedia products and film. Is the GS LE capable of using multiple outputs or not?

    Thanks in advance, Thorsten

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    Re: Which is the best DigitalI/O for GS

    Frontier Dakota works great with GS out to lightpipe with no perceptible latency. I like this card a lot.

    GS LE only outputs to 2 channels.


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    Re: Which is the best DigitalI/O for GS

    Negative things about the Dakota: No DirectX support. If you buy the Sierra, the 8 midi ports aren\'t multi-client. Like most audio cards, the Dakota will not share an IRQ, so watch which PCI slot you put it in.

    Positive things: Great GSIF support with low latency. Optional Sierra 8 port midi interface with SMPTE support separate from the audio channels. Terrific patching ability! For me that was an unexpected bonus. The ability to patch the SPDIF or any of the ADAT inputs to any output is absolutely wonderful.

    I like my Dakota a lot. Here\'s a question though: Does the Montana expander really needs to be in a slot next to the Dakota? I have a free ISA slot, but I can\'t put the Dakota in the PCI slot next to it because that slot shares an IRQ with the motherboard\'s built in USB and SCSI interfaces. Built in SCSI isn\'t that common, but lots of motherboards share the IRQ between the last PCI slot and their built in USB interfaces. One of the main selling points of the Montana however is that it can work in an ISA slot. Frontier specifies that the two cards should be next to each other in your system. If this is true, this IRQ issue must be a common problem! Does anyone have experience with this issue?

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    Re: Which is the best DigitalI/O for GS

    Yes...the Montana connecting cable is short, and needs to be...


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    Re: Which is the best DigitalI/O for GS

    If you’re not using the USB, you can disable it in the BIOS, and free up that IRQ.

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    Re: Which is the best DigitalI/O for GS

    Yes, I also had to do some slot and IRQ juggling. I have 2 sound cards + SCSI + ethernet, you have to be very aware of what PCI slots share IRQs and what hardware can use what IRQs (I wish it weren\'t so!) There can be driver issues; Win98 and/or your hardware may force 2 devices to share an IRQ, and some drivers are fine with some drivers but not with others...

    I also freed up as many IRQ\'s as I could for devices I\'ll never use, still win98 may resist putting devices on free IRQs, it\'s all pretty weird.

    That said my system is now very stable, good luck!

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