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Topic: Echo driver problem

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    Echo driver problem

    I just installed the echo 5.01 drivers for my gina card and now the gigasampler starts but quickly gives an error message..anyone have any ideas?..thanks

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    Re: Echo driver problem

    Sounds similar to what I get with Layla and 5.01 driver. Maybe someone at Nemesys could give us some help.

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    Re: Echo driver problem

    If you using the v1.60 release of GigaSampler make sure the DirectSound capability is turned off in the Echo driver. (See our web site for more details).

    Or if you want to use the v1.61 Beta of GigaSampler, then you won\'t need to turn off the DirectSound capability in hte Echo driver.

    If you using an LE, then please make sure you have v5.01 of the echo drivers - it fixes a sample rate problem.


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