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Topic: Cards, cards, cards...

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    Cards, cards, cards...

    I just ordered an EgoSys Waveterminal 2496 ( http://www.egosys.net/ ) card for US $300, from http://www.sbfilmaudio.com . 4 Channel Recording and 4 Channel playback (2 Ch. Analog / 2 Ch. Digital ) at the Same time, 24 Bit 96kHz S/PDIF Digital In & Out... This card is on Nemesys\'s list of Gigasampler compatible cards. When I receive it and give it some spin, I\'ll let you all know how it performs.
    Does anyone here have anything to say about Seasound Solo? I found it on http://www.portlandmusiccompany.com/solo.html and it seems to have some interesting I/O features, including MIDI In/Out/Thru...

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    Re: Cards, cards, cards...


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    Re: Cards, cards, cards...

    To KingIdiot:
    edit? edit what?

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