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Topic: Confusion: Kontakt vs. Kompakt ??

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    Question Confusion: Kontakt vs. Kompakt ??

    Hello All,

    Could someone familiar with NI software help me figure out what I’m looking for.

    I’m thinking about buying the ProjectSAM Brass and Giovani Choir (which come in Kontakt format) but do not have any sampler software yet. I was browsing through the NI products and saw both Kontakt (which looks like the sampler) and Kompakt (which looks like a player).

    I have no interest, or skill, in having to manipulate samples. I just want to be able to load them up into a VSTi in my sequencer (Sonar 4) and compose with their sounds.

    The page describing Kompakt says it can open several formats (even gigastudio????). So if all I want to do is use the sounds to compose with, will buying JUST the Kompakt player work? Or do I still need to buy Kontakt as well? … confused

    While I’m asking, if Kompakt is all I need, does it really open gigastudio files too? So if there’s a sample library I want, and that library's only format is GS3, Kompakt can load it?

    Thank you in advance for any help!

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    Re: Confusion: Kontakt vs. Kompakt ??

    Go with Kontakt 2. I only use it to play samples - I'm not into editing either. I use Kontakt 2 over kompakt because:

    1. It's instrument browser kicks booty
    2. In VST mode you can load 16 instruments per instance (versus 8 in kompakt)
    3. Each of the 16 instruments slots can have its own
    128 bank for instruments so you can program change on that midi instrument channel instead of using keyswitches.

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    Re: Confusion: Kontakt vs. Kompakt ??

    Kompakt is being replaced by Kontakt 2 player. So there's pretty good chance that you won't see Kompakt 2. And when the libraries upgrade their patch to v.2 or future version, kompakt won't be able to play them.
    I don't know why NI isn't selling the Kontakt 2 player by itself because alot of people would prefer something not as complicated and (very) slightly lighter on system resource than the full Kontakt. Kompakt suites the bill quite well, but I know it's kind of wasteful to develop something that over lap the functions of Kontakt player. And for people that are buying samples that doesn't come with a Kontakt player.... hmmm, maybe it's a way that NI are forcing developers to buy and integrate the Kontakt player 2. But still, I would prefer having a player that can play multiple libraries.
    Write to NI!

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    Re: Confusion: Kontakt vs. Kompakt ??

    From NI's perspective, I thought it was stupid to have both kompakt and kontakt. Not only was it confusing to many newbie customers, but saleswise they would make more money, and have more time to for patches, by focusing on one product instead of 2 that are similar.

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