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Topic: cakewalk 9.0

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    cakewalk 9.0

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of or has experienced any issues (problems) with Cakewalk 9.0 and GS.

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    Re: cakewalk 9.0

    I have actually. I have a Darla soundcard, MIDIMan midi card, and Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.
    I installed Gigasampler 1.6. I disabled the DirectSound.
    Gigasampler worked fine but Cakewalk was suddenly unable to put out audio. The audio outputs of GS were just 3/4. The audio outs of Cakewalk were 1/2, 5/6, 7/8. This was as it should be. But I couldn\'t hear any audio from Cakewalk. I even re-enabled DirectSound and no difference.
    Same problem with Cakewalk 9.
    I uninstalled GIgasampler and Cakewalk worked again.
    Any thoughts, guys? I\'d really love to get Gigasampler to work but I\'m just not having any luck.

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    Re: cakewalk 9.0

    Strike that! I was using the 5.00 driver instead of the 5.01 driver from echo.
    I downloaded 5.01 and it\'s all working now. The 5.01 driver adds the \"enable multi-client audio\" checkbox in the driver setting window. Ka-Ching!

    I always used to go to www.event1.com for Echo product support. They had the 5.00 only.
    All Echo business is now going through www.echomusic.com

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