I\'m currenly running Giga using an SB Live. It works OK, but not when I want to record via SP/DIF to my Yammy DSP Fac/SW1000XG, due to its fixed 48KHz sample rate - on the Yammy side I\'m forced to 44.1KHz due to the slaving of the SW1000XG to the DSP Fac.
Currently, I do not have the need for multiple outputs from Giga, as I just record single tracks into Cubase on the Yammy system, otherwise I think the Dakota would be almost a no-brainer. For now, a simple stereo card would bo good, as long as it has 44.1/48 KHz rates (minimum).
Word clock is another issue: I need to use the SW1000 as the word clock master if possible. I can get around this by always recording the SW1k and Giga separately, but it would be nice if there were a card that could solve both my problems!

Any help much appreciated.....Cheers.