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Topic: AMD Athlon problems

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    AMD Athlon problems

    I have an athlon 700..I am posting this to try and save people some problems..The event cards simply don\'t work...I had a Gina, which I liked but the Athlon spit it out...I just tried the new Direct Pro 24/96 from Aardvark and that card\'s installation was a nightmare..I tried everything possible..nothing...I guess I\'ll hang on to my Audiowerk card..it actually works with the Athlon..no on-board DSP though..I just thought everyone should be aware of the AMD incompatability issues with certain cards..thanks

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    Re: AMD Athlon problems

    Been there done that! I also had an AMD system at one time and was running a Gina card which sounded quite good. Initially I had no problems whatsoever but one day my card simply locked froze up on me and the problems began. I eventually changed over to a PII setup and went with the Lexicon Core2 which is a decision which I regret to this very day. If I had it to do all over I would stick with the Gina card which doesn\'t have on board DSP but hey Lexicon has been promising a DSP daughter board for the Core2 for seven months and it still hasn\'t arrived.
    In addition Lexicon Core2 refuses to support Giga and also crashes using Cakewalk 9.0.
    If your in a Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas mood make me an offer that I can\'t refuse on the Gina. Nazaru1@Aol.com


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    Re: AMD Athlon problems

    it\'s genuinely sad that you fork out hard earned money for a system that by all measurable means should kick , only to be a headache. I went the AMD route, although preffered by a whole bunch of margins, the first one being cost, and arguably a better product. Started from scratch real quick, again, to migrate to a P3500. Which has been great, but it would have been nice to have done the homework, bought the stuff, put it together, and had it work right the first $600 go \'round. I know, we\'ve all done this. It still hurts the pocket book... Does Bill Gates have a soul? Yeah, the Athlon by just raw power should kill the Pentium, but Intel writes the code, so microsoft can market the software, so the reseller can get his cut, so the end user must take it in the *ss. It\'s a brave new world out there. Sorry to hear it man... when you get (re)setup check out the Darla24, I love mine. Nice mid dollar high end solution. So far has worked great with GS.

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