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Topic: Khso Emerald first impressions

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    Khso Emerald first impressions

    Well i got KHSO the other day..and im both really impressed and frustrated by it.

    Im really impressed with some of the sounds, some of them are truly magnificent, even better than EWQLSO or VSL..

    However i wish it was more consistent, the file structure is really messy, and there seemes to be a lack of consitancy throughout regarding wet\dry,levels, some are set in level with eachother, and some are not.
    And there is a mess with the impulse files missing etc, and the file structure itself doesnt find the right files ever, even after rebuilding the database.

    But with that being said , here is what i think of the sounds themselves....

    They are perhaps not as "well" recorded as EWQLSO or VSL..but they have a very special character, makes EWQLSO sound nice and clean , especially the brass.

    The samples are very accurate and precisely edited, the attacks are spot on, much tighter than other high end libraries.

    There are not too many different articulations, but an enourmous selection of different variations of the programs, probably thousands actually...

    And everything comes with (K2) round robin, wich is really nice .
    All the sections are recorded in their natural positions, and i found that the library blends very well with EWQLSO, with some tweaking offcourse.

    well anyway, the point is..the sounds can sometimes sound harsh and digital, but... there are way more that sounds exellent, and if the library was better structured and the levels and programs were better adapted to eachother, the library would be a true gem, and honestly is already to some extent

    . And at that price , come on! I recomend anyone to buy it, as a compliment to their main library, there are some sounds here that are much better than the "high end" competitors, really.!

    ...and mister Hunter, just work with the consistancy and ease of use, and tidy up the file menus, and this is a GPO Killer.
    In this price range, there is nothing as good, not even close.

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    Re: Khso Emerald first impressions

    Quote Originally Posted by Pzy-Clone
    I recomend anyone to buy it, as a comlpiment to their main library, there are some sounds here that are much better than the "high end" competitors, really.!

    Go buy it, and mister hunter, just work with the consistancy and ease of use, and tidy up the file menus, and this is a GPO Killer.
    In this price range, there is nothing as good, not even close.

    Yes, one of the things I am currently working on is the file structure. There will be a lot less actual instruments to make the library easier to understand and more consistent with itself.

    Convolution and reverb that is currently used as an instrument insert will no longer be included. Instead, there will be blank multies that have reverb or convolution inserted into THEM into which the user can load instruments, raise those instruments' aux 1 level, and POOF, there's the ambience.

    Release trigger ambience will most likely be added to the library across the board in the new release. (after March 15)

    Best Regards

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    Re: Khso Emerald first impressions


    As you already know, I love your collection and am using it actively now. To anyone that has not purchased this, it is worth every penny.

    This new emerald edition of which you are speaking - is this a free upgrade or will I have to pay for the updated version?

    If so, what is the cost and when will it be available?

    Mike Felker

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    Re: Khso Emerald first impressions

    Any new .nki files or updates that use the existing samples now in KHSO Emerald (except certain legato instruments) will be free. If a newer version of KHSO is created that uses different and/or more samples, that will cost more. The price of that, if it ever comes around is TBA.


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    Re: Khso Emerald first impressions

    Totally reasonable.

    May I say something? First, I have EWQLSO Silver, Kontakt 2 VSL and some other libraries, not to mention two keyboards with orchestral libraries of their own. I have listened to demos from the biggest of the big and tried out their (sub) libraries for myself.

    NOW, I am NOT a conductor. Although I was in orchestral and marching band as a youth, I have not even been around a symphony orchestra in decades. I listen to classical music here and there - and that is about all the orchestral experience I have.

    I was trained at 6 years old onward in piano and took up trumpet in orchestra and marching band. Many years later, keys are mostly what I play. Instrumentals are what I have always loved to listen to and play, so that is a majority of what I create (pretty much New Age or Jan Hammer / Fresh Aire style). I happened to get lucky one day and was given the opportunity to compose some music (well, luck had little to do with it, but that's another LONG post). Suffice to say, things are getting bigger and better and opportunities are presenting themselves due to hard work and getting stuff out there.

    What does this have to do with this topic? Everything.

    I don't have $50,000 to spend on an orchestral collection. I cannot hire individual musicians (cello players or violin players, for example), nor will I ever (well, maybe one day) be fortunate enough to hire an entire orchestra for a client production or to play one of my pieces. That being the case, I had to make a choice on what I could afford.

    In my humble opinion and from those two things on the sides of my head, KHSO Emerald sounds the best, has the most bang for the buck and is the most well rounded collection of ALL I looked at - and I looked at them all. The strings are lush, the violins sound perfect to me (some solo instruments with vibrato would have made this the PERFECT collection, I must say), the brass is the best I have heard in any collection PERIOD! The percussion is awesome and complete, the woodwinds sound equally fantastic - it's all good.

    As far as the organization - it is a little hard to pick up - but there IS an organizational structure. A simple fold-out chart would have made this much easier to understand.

    I bought Kontakt 2 and so that is the collection I purchased. I believe the quirks with the instruments not finding the samples on the 1st go (and without extensive loading if you want the whole thing perfect and default) is that of Kontakt 2 and NOT KHSO UNLESS a install program would have taken care of that - perhaps a simple windows installer would have solved this - I don't know.

    To say I am totally happy with my purchase is an understatement. NOT ONLY did I receive a 30+ GB library for less than $250.00, but he threw in yet ANOTHER DVD with MORE strings as NO ADDITIONAL COST. Over 5GB of MORE lush strings and ensembles. Just fantastic.

    Lastly, Kirk is on here answering questions and helping customers and non-customers alike. That, to me, means excellent client support if, and when, I will need some myself. To me, customer and tech support (something I do as well) is 50% of the purchase decision. I believe I made the best choice.

    Kirk, you have me as a lifetime client.


    P.S. I have already created some game scores with your library (percussion mostly at the moment - but I will be using a lot more in the coming weeks).

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    Re: Khso Emerald first impressions

    Reading the posts above I come to wonder about two things:
    As far as I know the round robin of K2 won't work when playing polyphonically, eg. a round robin of length 2 will still give the machine gun effect for repeatedly played pairs of notes (since each pair will reset the round robin state). How do people deal with that?

    Secondly, Kirks idea about reverb template multis seems excellent. But currently Kontakt2 doesn't save aux levels when used from a host (Cubase at least) ...
    Maybe it'll be ok after the K2 update (if it ever comes out).

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    Re: Khso Emerald first impressions

    Here is something else I am confused about. I experience no problems using Kontakt 2 as a vst instrument through Sonar 5 Producer. I load up KHSO instruments and play them against other tracks I have recorded. When I feel that track is perfect (tons of MIDI editing and velocity / volume changes), I then freeze that track (to make it audio instead of MIDI and to free up needed CPU cycles and memory) and continue on to the next track.

    If I need reverb on a track, I either add it as a VST effect or I use it within Kontakt 2. Now, I will say I have NEVER used the convolution reverb because, well, I simply haven't. I have a million other ways to add reverb and most of the time, I don't need it. Now, I do LOVE the KHSO instruments that use the mod wheel for more or less reverb - gawd do I love that - because I simply "dial in" what I need. What the heck is so hard about that? It was totally intuitive to me and I picked it up in about 45 seconds with no manual or instructions. I just screwed around and saw what I bought (Kirk, that is why I load every instrument - to see the possibilities ahead of time, so later I can pick and choose in a more educated and organized fashion).

    I just don't get it - but maybe that's because I don't create symphony movements, choral arrangements or mimic or "realize" other master's works or art. I create originals all the time because that is what I like to do. Everything is therefore up to ME.

    [EDIT] I decided to add this in case others want to flame me for this post - in particular the last paragraph. I am NOT stating an opinion and I am NOT saying one is better or worse than another. I respect all creative individuals and celebrate their creative passion. I am simply stating what I do in the possible chance it helps someone or answers a question one way or another. Everyone is right and wrong - we all have opinions and our own ways of doing things - so I don't want anyone thinking that I feel I am better than anyone else because I only create originals - that is NOT what I was saying - I repeat - that was NOT what I was saying. Fact is, most are better than me.


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