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Topic: Ensonic audio pci driver needed !!!

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    Ensonic audio pci driver needed !!!

    Hi All
    I just did a trade with some one where I aquired a Ensonic audio pci sound card model 1370[not to be confused with the creative ensonic audio pci card model 1371] and the person is not sure where the driver is .
    I would very much apreciate it if some one could email it to me or email me to let me know where to get it . Ill owe you one .thanks , Ken Baugh

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    Re: Ensonic audio pci driver needed !!!


    this is the link I believe you need.
    If you want the page the link comes off, its this, http://www.ensoniq.com/multimedia/mm_html/index.htm

    you need the 95/98 install wizard.

    if you find that the driver does not work with Gigasampler, then you need an older driver called apiwiz95.exe which is the ensoniq only version. you may still get that from the tech support websites of people like Gateway or Dell who put that card in their PC\'s as an OEM product up until about a year ago.



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